news Windows Mobile 6.5 unofficially available for Samsung Epix

Windows Mobile 6.5 unofficially available for Samsung Epix

Windows Mobile 6.5 has been unofficially released for the Samsung Epix.Windows Mobile 6.5 is the next release of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system and with the intent of creating a more finger-friendly (touchscreens are becoming all the rage and styluses are archaic) interface. As far as I understand the changes to Windows Mobile 6.5 focus on aesthetics and usability, rather than changing the unpinning structure of Windows Mobile (that’s what Windows Mobile 7 aka Microsoft Phone will do… I hope).

Anyhow, here are a couple screens of Windows Mobile 6.5 running on my Samsung Epix. Below I’ll explain how to install Windows Mobile 6.5 on your Samsung Epix, along with some of the known issues.

windows mobile 6.5 Windows Mobile 6.5 unofficially available for Samsung Epix

Things to note before installing Windows Mobile 6.5

  • This install is UNOFFICIAL. Neither Microsoft, Samsung, or AT&T support Windows Mobile 6.5 on the Samsung Epix.
  • BACKUP ALL YOUR DATA! This upgrade will ERASE your phone (contacts, files, messages, emails, etc).
  • You can revert back to Windows Mobile 6.1 after upgrading to Windows Mobile 6.5 (thought I haven’t tried).
  • It is possible something could go wrong during the upgrade and you could brick your Samsung Epix. Perform this upgrade at your own risk!
  • There are still some bugs with this ROM.
  • All this being said, I’ve installed this update and have been using it for a week – and my Samsung Epix seems to be more stable that before.
  • Read through the official forum at
  • Watch Tom Beauchamp’s video of Windows Mobile 6.5 on the Samsung Epix

Installation Instructions

A fellow that goes by the name of trashcan cooked up a Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM that mostly works with the Samsung Epix.

You will need a Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (all versions must be 32-bit, I couldn’t get 64-bit Win 7 to work).

Download the following files:

  1. Verify that your Samsung Epix can connect to your Windows computer via USB. You should be able to browse your Samsung Epix in My Computer > Mobile Device and/or make a successful connection via ActiveSync. If you cannot do this, the GrandPrix program most likely will not see your Epix.
  2. Turn off your Samsung Epix, but it connected to your Windows computer via USB.
  3. Start USDL GrandPrix (Windows 7 users run the Vista version)
  4. Under “Select a profile” choose “GRANDPRIX LV image”
  5. Click the “PDA” button and locate the Windows Mobile 6.5 BIN file.
  6. Press the Detect button in USDL GrandPrix
  7. Power on your Samsung Epix
  8. Wait for the process to full complete (mine idled at “Writing Dummy CSC Header” so I moved to the next step and everything was fine).
  9. Power off your Samsung Epix (may require a battery pull if your CSC Headers hang).
  10. Power on your Samsung Epix.
  11. The first “boot” of your Samsung Epix may take a while (up to 5 minutes) so don’t panic if your phone seems unresponsive at the orange Windows Mobile screen – be patient.
  12. Complete the Windows Mobile 6.5 setup wizard and voila – Windows Mobile 6.5 on the Samsung Epix.

Check out this shoddy screencast I made of me updating to Windows Mobile 6.5 if you’re still confused.

Known Issues with Windows Mobile 6.5 build 23017

  • Exchange Calendar does not sync. Selecting the Calendar to sync will break your ActiveSync connection with your exchange server. Fixed with update to build 23017 w/ 15MB page pool
  • Mouse pointer sometimes produces visual artifacts. I don’t use the mouse, I use 4-way, so I move the mouse cursor to the lower-left corner of the screen so only the tip of the arrow is showing and switch to 4-way (Fn-N on the Today screen) which makes this a non-issue for me.
  • GPS is still messed up from ID1 update (after using GPS, your battery life will quickly run out)
  • Read through Trashcan’s thread on

137 Responses to “Windows Mobile 6.5 unofficially available for Samsung Epix”

  1. Samsung Epix ID1 Software Update | My Samsung Epix Says:

    [...] Epix ID1 Software Update Windows Mobile 6.5 Update: Do NOT install this update if you are going to update to Windows Mobile 6.5. This ID1 update will break your GPS radio (using GPS will drain you battery [...]

  2. hntryoung Says:

    does this mean that if a samsung epix user waits, we might be able to get the ACTUAL 6.5 update from microsoft when they release it? or is this the only chance we will ever have at windows mobile 6.5?

  3. Tito Says:

    Hey, this update is just the phone os, not the radio, or anything else, it just replaces wm6.1 with 6.5.

    You CAN revert back, since if you have the other trashcan wm 6.1 rom. If you do not want the newer broken radio, and you have the old radio. DO NOT UPDATE WITH THE OFFICIAL UPDATE, IT UPDATES ALL ASPECTS, LIKE THE RADIO!!!

    This rom is a port, so its not optimized for the Epix. It runs fine, but the mouse issue and some other things prove my point.

  4. Tito Says:

    Also, this has been available for about 2 weeks, maybe more. The first version was released on Aug 3rd. The bigger page pool was released like a few days later.

  5. hntryoung Says:

    so we can revert back only if we have trashcan’s 6.1 rom?

    what if we have no other rom or updates installed? if we have factory 6.1 still. would this be a smart and safe update?

  6. david Says:

    hntryoung – An official update to Windows Mobile 6.5 is up to Samsung. The Epix is certainly capable of running Windows Mobile 6.5, but its up to Samsung to release an official update. I personally think this is a great update over Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro. It seems to be much more stable than any of the Win Mob 6.1 Pro installs/updates that Samsung has released.

  7. Tito Says:

    You can flash safely if you never touch the official ROM update.

  8. Guillermo Says:

    I’ve running it for a week…. is great! I’m glad I never upgraded to ID1 and went directly to this 6.5 ROM. I’ve read a lot of people having issues with ID1.

  9. Mike Says:

    My previous comment didn’t show up, but in case it does, disregard it. I posted instructions on how to fix the mouse cursor corruption on XDA in the linked thread as well as the epix thread on HoFo.

  10. hntryoung Says:

    (sorry im being so annoying.)

    so is this update worth it, or safe enough for somebody (new to this) to do? (i cant just go out and buy a new phone if this one bricks.)

  11. david Says:

    After about a weeks use, my Samsung Epix is much better off with the Windows Mobile 6.5 than it ever was with Windows Mobile 6.1.

    The only reason not to upgrade is if you use the optical mouse most of the time (instead of 4way nav). If you use the optical mouse feature youll become annoyed very quickly since the mouse pointer will often become distorted. If youre OK with 4way nav (i prefer it) then you should be fine.

    For me its the best thing to happen to my Epix (for about a month prior to Win Mob 6.5, I had switched back to my Blackjack 2 because Win Mob 6.1 was so buggy)

  12. jduk Says:

    So.. does email sound notification work on the Epix with WinMo 6.5? I never installed the ID1 update and am wondering if I should go with this rom.

  13. jduk Says:

    Also.. does the LED continually blink until you’ve acknowleged a new email? It bugs me that it only blinks for a few seconds with the current version of the Epix (win 6.1).

  14. david Says:

    On my Epix using WinMob 6.5 i receive sound and vibrate notifications on receiving emails and my light will blink around 5 times. These notifications are the same when my Epix is awake or asleep.

  15. Jose Says:

    you CAN go back to windows mobile 6.1 i just did all you have to do is reinstall the ID1 update i did because i was not satisfied with 6.5 it didnt have any of the att sites such as device home or cellular video and the internet explorer was crap and my d pad only work every other reset but it was worth a shot to try it out but i have to admit i was nervous not knowing if i was gonna like it but now i can ASSURE you that you can go back to 6.1

  16. Edward Lee Says:

    Can anyone confirm whether laptop tethering still works after an upgrade to 6.5?


  17. Kaleb Says:

    why do i keep getting this?

    Calculating file parameters(DISKIMAGE)….
    Calculating file parameters(DISKIMAGE) Done!!
    PDA Device not found.

    as soon as i power on my device after i press detect it pops up and says device not found. i kw my computer finds it because im on vista and i go to computer and it shows sgh-i907.

    please help i want 6.5 soooo bad!

  18. david Says:

    Kaleb, is your Epix’s USB Connection set to ActiveSync, Modem or Storage?
    What OS are you using? and 32bit or 64bit?

  19. Slim Says:

    I am having the exact same problem as Kaleb. The GrandPrix program always says “PDA Device not found”.
    My Epix USB is set to ActiveSync and my laptop is a 32bit windows vista. I want wm6.5 really badly aslo. PLease help!!

  20. jduk Says:

    You guys may want to check out the thread at xda-developers, a few others have had the same problem.

  21. Slim Says:

    did they find a solution to the problem?

  22. Mitch1 Says:

    Time bomb on this install?

  23. Christian Says:

    Alright, regarding the problem some of you guys are having while first detecting the i907 device through GrandPrix, I have also experienced the same troubles. What I was doing wrong was connecting the device, turning it off, then trying to detect the device through the GrandPrix program, and then turning it on. I realized the main difference that you should turn on the phone before connecting the device. Ideally, GrandPrix should try to detect the device once “SAMSUNG” comes up in white text on the black background. With me, what worked was turning on the device, waiting around three seconds, then hitting detect. Worked fine for me. I hope this helped (=.

    Also, while running 6.5, there is an issue with wifi. I don’t subscribe to the date plan as provided by AT&T, but I would still use internet explorer to browse via wifi with 6.1. In 6.5, I find myself unable to browse the internet while connected to wi-fi. Is anyone experiencing these problems? Solutions? Thanks

  24. Slim Says:

    Christian,can you give me the link to the version of GrandPrix that you installed in order to get 6.5? PLEASE

  25. Sean Says:

    Christian, I noticed the problem with surfing via wifi as well. Thought maybe I had some settings wrong, but apparently I’m not the only one with this issue. I haven’t tried another browser yet to see if it’s IE having the problem, or something in WM6.5.

  26. john c Says:

    for some reason my computer won’t open either files i downloaded to do the update. an “rar’ and bin file? what am i doing wrong?

  27. Mike Says:

    Mitch1: Trashcan has been kinda quiet but my impression is that all his builds thus far are in fact time bombed

  28. john c Says:

    never mind i got it to work. will let you know how it works for me.

    thank you soo much for this site! i have been waiting for 6.5 and i was days away from buying an iphone :(

  29. Christian Says:

    In regards to Slim I used the link which brought me to the megauploads website:

    And Sean, I haven’t found any internet browsers for 6.5 besides the default internet explorer. The inability to use wifi really is a downer. I checked my proxy settings and everything, but hopefully another web browser for 6.5 will come out shorty. Also, when 6.5 was booting up for the first time, I chose to set up all connections manually, so that could also be a factor. I am still unsure what to do because internet explorer worked with wifi in 6.1. I’m sure an alternative browser will come out soon anyways, but the new internet explorer doesn’t look half bad.

  30. Kaleb Says:

    The phone’s usb connection is set to ActiveSync. I have 64-bit vista. please help

  31. jduk Says:

    Kaleb, I read through some of the xda-developers thread and it sounds like this was meant for 32-bit only. You may want to read through the entire thread though to see if someone found a way around this.

  32. Kaleb Says:

    Thanks for the reply. I have browsed through the forum, haha I’ve even made an account with the forum and pasted my problem to them also. I think I’m going to try this on my other computer that is running XP. Hopefully it will work then.

  33. jduk Says:

    Good luck! Post a review on here if you get it working. I haven’t tried it yet but am thinking about it.

    Has anyone had luck getting Opera or Skyfire working on this rom of 6.5?

  34. Kaleb Says:

    Everything is good now. I tried to upgrade from my XP machine and everything went smoothly.

  35. jduk Says:

    Awesome.. enjoy! Let us know what you think.

  36. Slim Says:

    Why won’t GrandPrix detect my phone? I’m using windows vista 32bit OS and I keep getting “PDA DEvice not found”. ANy help? PLEASE!

  37. TeNsTrKe15 Says:

    i would like to know if anybody could please upload the original wm 6.1 professional rom for the epix

  38. Kaleb Says:

    well, since I’ve been on it. the only thing I really don’t like is the internet browser. and the mouse is messed up. when u click on the something using the mouse it messes up the part of the screen where the mouse clicked.

  39. Kaleb Says:

    I can no longer send MMS or use wifi! :( (((

  40. TeNsTrKe15 Says:

    Kaleb, i would suggest flashing a wm 6.1 pro rom back onto ur epix. i had the wm 6.5 rom and got bored of it after a while cuz of the mouse thing and i liked having a drop down start menu

  41. jduk Says:

    No wifi or messaging?? I wonder if wifi would work if you use a 3rd party browser like Opera or Skyfire. Just not sure if they have something available that will work for 6.5 yet.

  42. boysboysboys Says:

    WiFi works just fine. You need to disable the proxy by going to settings->connections->proxy manager.

    Messaging works just fine. MMS can only be sent via 3G, which was the same with 6.1.

    The mouse is a problem which will be resolved when samsung releases their official 6.5 update, which will probably be never.

  43. Slim Says:

    why won’t grandprix detect my software?? This is soo irritating

  44. Joshua Says:

    Windows Mobile 6.5: To, with the new Windows Mobile 6.5 Flash ROM will I still be able to use the updates, hacks and mods I downloaded from this My Samsung Epix web site such as the- 1) internet tethering, 2) SmartSKey and 3) chgFingerMouse?

  45. Deniska Says:

    Be careful. Trashcan did an awesome job, bringing us the first cooked ROM. But 1) the ROM is timebombed. It will hard-reset itself after about two weeks, including SD card contents, so save often. The pointer issue is annoying, but easy to work around (after every power cycle, switch to mouse mode, select timeout=never, Ok, then go back and switch to 4-way). 2) Trashcan’s been quiet, and no new updates are in sight. Your only recourse is to stay with the one he published, or go to ID1, which has known issues such as battery and GPS problems. User beware!

  46. Joshua Says:

    With the new Windows Mobile 6.5 Flash ROM will I still be able to use the updates, hacks and mods I downloaded from this My Samsung Epix web site such as the- 1) internet tethering, 2) SmartSKey and 3) chgFingerMouse?

  47. Joshua Says:

    . . . With the new Windows Mobile 6.5 Flash ROM will I still be able to use the updates, hacks and mods I downloaded from this My Samsung Epix web site such as the- 1) internet tethering, 2) SmartSKey and 3) chgFingerMouse?

  48. AJB Says:

    I’m currently tethered to my epix w/ under WinMo6.5… i have no answer about SmartSKey and chgFingerMouse, but thought it’d be helpful to post my current observation.

    after putting the ROM, i ran the app-unlocker, then the ICS thing… my only issue now is i’d still get the mouse ghost block or whatever…even while i have the finger mouse set to 4-way.

    a fix was to change the pointer to the airplane or whatever…change it back…and OK out. seems fine…

    …for now.

  49. saeid Says:

    I want to uprgade my epix to win 6.5 and was wondering if I would still be able to thether, I use that a lot
    and also has anyone else had the “timebomb” problem with trashcan’s 6.5 ROM ??
    Is it not safe to use then ??

  50. Deb Young Says:

    I spoke too soon, yall ready for this? After last nights post saying I never had a problem I got cursed. Suddenly my phone started shutting itself on and when it would come back on the GPS program would open and freeze my phone. I had to remove the battery to restart the phone. The CRAZY part was today at lunchtime (1230pm est) I called AT&T Wireless wanting to send the phone for an exchange (had the phone 38 days). Ready?… I was on the phone with (((AT&T 7 HOURS))) !!!! … I was transferred to everyone in the world I couldnt understand tech-wise, and did the YoYo between departments, disconnects, had calls dropped and finally they agreed to take back the Epix (by now I hated just the sound of it) and send me an HTC Fuze. Never again will I tell anyone my phone works fine for fear I’ll jinx myself again!

  51. Kaleb Says:

    ..been reading up on the forum and Trashcan finally spoke..he said yesterday that he will upload build 23037 today. unfortunately, he didn’t upload it today. Let’s pray it’s sometime soon. does anyone hate the web browser on 6.5 as much as i do??

  52. Joshua Says:

    I haven’t flashed Windows Mobile 6.5 for my Epix yet, are you able to use another web browser other than the one that’s already on 6.5?

  53. Kaleb Says:

    I just loaded opera mobile and it’s soooooooo much better on 6.5. I highly recommend it.

  54. XSafire Says:

    Wow, I’m surprised how fast you got that mirror up.

  55. BV Says:

    why won’t grandprix detect my device?? My computer sees it and is connected but not the program can someone help me

  56. Kaleb Says:

    WM 6.5 Build 23037 is out. It has quite a few bugs in it so I plan to wait till Trashcan makes a more stable build. It does look nice, though. Check out the bugs.

  57. Mark Says:

    Build 23037 worked on my Epix but a bit buggy. WM 6.5 looks cool but will wait for the official release from Samsung (like someone else posted “probably never”) Rolled back to ID1 (Samsung ID1); Epix in it’s full non-GPS working glory.

  58. Bill Says:

    Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23409 is out

  59. Kaleb Says:

    Anyone made a rom for it?

  60. Ryan Says:

    Hey everyone. This looks like a great program! I am considering installing but I’m worried about what will happen if I don’t like the new 6.5. It looks like Trashcan was nice enought to create a bin to revert back. I was only wondering if this reflash includes the ID1 update. As of now, my Epix is as it was when I purchased it. I’m assuming it does not have the ID1 and from the sounds of things I don’t want it! If I install the new 6.5 and revert back to 6.1 through Trashcan’s Bin will this put the update on my phone?

    Thanks for any answers.. And also thanks to everyone working to create a better Epix experience since Samsung has left us on our own.

  61. KeltischWerwolf Says:

    I was informed from ATT that the Epix will have an Official release for Windows 6.5, hence the reason i purchased this phone, loved my Blackjack 2 and wanted the touchscreen version with beter user interface. OR were they lying

  62. Kaleb Says:

    Ha it would be quite nice, but honestly I don’t see what reason they would have for doing so.

  63. KeltischWerwolf Says:

    Well they are updating other phones that have been already made obsolete by newer versions so why not the Epix like they said!!!

  64. Kaleb Says:

    Well, I got impatient waiting on a stable build for 23037 so I went ahead and loaded it on my Epix. There are many bugs but I’m feelin’ it so far. The main thing I hate is that, for some reason, Opera Mobile will not work on it.. :(

  65. chris erb Says:

    So my question is, I have some business software that is set to run on mobile 6.1 do you think it will run on 6.5 or is this a different animal?

  66. saeid noghabai Says:

    Hi fellow Epix users

    It is with a sad heart that I am affraid I should inform all of us that AT&T has dropped the Samsung Epix from their lineup
    its is no longer listed on their website and that leaves me wondering what will become of us with these greta phones
    if they are now discotinued ?!

  67. kclark Says:

    I can’t seem to get pass the pda part. I downloaded the file and went to it after i clicked on the pda then i turned my phone on but i keep getting a message saying that the PDA Device not found.

    What am i doing wrong?

  68. GDavis Says:

    So I am following the directions exactly as they are written and I have made sure my phone connects properly many times but I keep getting this error:

    Calculating file parameters(DISKIMAGE)….
    Calculating file parameters(DISKIMAGE) Done!!
    PDA Device not found.

    This comes up when I power the device on. Can someone help, I’m at a loss here. Thank you.

  69. GDavis Says:

    I’m also not getting the “Select an image to download!” text. Instead when I first start the program I am getting “OpenSCManager failed (5)”. If I click “reset” or if I drop down the profile menu and click on “GRANDPRIX LV image” again it goes away. I’m very confused, sorry for the bother. Please help, I really want this update. Thank You. (Again)

  70. GDavis Says:

    GOT IT! kclark, if you are running Vista, you must run GRANDPRIX as administrator otherwise it won’t connect properly.

  71. Kaleb Says:

    Hey guys..well, wm 6.5 build 23052 is available for our phone now. I’m upgrading right now. When it gets done, I will let you know how it goes

  72. Mikey Says:

    @Kaleb, I take it that is an official release by MSFT? Let us know if it fixes some of the issues, maybe Samsung will deem it good to go then.

    I’d love to upgrade my phone, because I feel the epix severely lacks many of the apps and cool things you can do (i want to be able to play more than solitaire when I’m waiting, i can only respond to email so many times) with the iphone or a comparable phone. However, I’ve never had any ID1 issues (yes, I’m lucky) but i did have other awkward issues (battery draining in a day, phone shutting off, phone locking up and requiring me to open and change battery, calls where people couldn’t hear me, etc, etc) which were actually FIXED with the latest release.

    Crazy, huh?
    But if it’s a good update, I’d love to have some finger mouse functionality with a new OS, might convince me to keep my epix til I’m eligible for an upgrade (11 months from now.)

  73. PilotDave Says:

    Been kinda quiet for a few days – has MS released the official 6.5 yet for the Epix Mikey? or Kaleb? Any problems with this version?

  74. Kaleb Says:

    Well, since the day Trashcan released wm 6.5 build 23052 for download I have been using it and it’s great. Best build by far. Not really any errors and the UI looks so much better. AT&T is releasing an official update for the Epix in a few days, from what I’ve heard.

  75. Michael Says:

    Build 23081 is good. Installation was trouble-free, and I really enjoy it. Trashcan rocks!

    The mouse visual artifacts is still there, but if you don’t use mouse (I don’t) the fix is rather simple: go to settings, ENABLE mouse, then DISABLE it back. Unfortunately, it has to be repeated after each reboot with this build.

    For GPS (if you have ID1 build), use fix from another thread: run GpsTest.exe (in Windows folder), set GPS mode to Stand-alone. Works for me, and solved the problem with draining battery.

    Media Player is not good: keeps screen active – draining the batteries, and stops playing if you turn off the screen. But you know you need another music player anyway (I’m still looking for the good one).

  76. Robert-Fibronet Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am going to ask a really stupid question. What are the benefits of 6.5 over 6.1. can someone detail it for me. I want to upgrade to trashcan’s version But I need to see the pro and the cons and the benefits.



  77. Vincent Venturelli Says:

    There may be a way around the GPS radio not working after flashing to ID1. This worked for me anyway (Under Windows Mobile 6.5), I went into the External GPS options under Settings>System and I changed the GPS Program Port from GPD3 to COM6 and then changed the GPS hardware Baud rate from 4800 to 9600 but left it at COM9. On the third tab, I left the “Let Windows Manage the GPS” box checked. Under Google Maps I went into options and changed the GPS Settings from Auto to Manual. I changed the port to COM6 and the Baud rate to 9600. I then checked “Use GPS”. That is all I did and I had a fix within 5 Minutes and I don’t believe my battery is draining after closing Google Maps. Try it for yourself and see if it works! Good Luck!

  78. Vincent Venturelli Says:

    @Robert-Fibronet Windows Mobile 6.5 has ALOT of improvements over 6.1 Microsoft added full support for finger scrolling across the entire OS as well as a revised finger-friendly home screen. Everything seems to be much snapper after I flashed to 6.5, even in this homemade build! (I’m using 23017) The Microsoft Marketplace is now live and working so you can add third-party applications much like Apple’s App Store. There is alot more eye candy and everything throughout to OS is easy to use without a stylus. (With WM6.1 I had to use the stylus/mouse for 50% of everything, I only use ethier of them about 15% now. Also, This firmware De-Brands the Epix so there is no more AT&T Bloatware and no AT&T Startup logos, You will still have to put a code in to SIM Unlock it but it will work fine for AT&T SIMs. Once it was set up, it automatically set up everything for AT&T.

    The bad you ask? Well, with WM6.1 on the Epix I had about 70MB of free RAM after booting, I now only have about 40-45MB after booting. And my total RAM Allocation is reduced from 107MB to 97MB. The Mouse works great but every once in awhile, mainly when you click on something, the mouse leaves a square artifact behind, It’s not a big deal at all and when you use the mouse and your done with it, you can just move it to the bottom of the screen and you will never have a problem. I hear many people are having problems with the GPS’ after the ID1 update, even using WM6.5 I did the same thing in my previous post and my GPS works without power drain. peoples mileage may vary.

    I hope this helps!

  79. Robert-Fibronet Says:


    thanks for the detailed answer, it helps me understand the pro and cons. I am in Canada and my phone is unlocked and running on the current service provider. so I welcome losing all the AT&T garbage. it seems you version you are running is the original and they are up to 81 so maybe there is more memory and no left over mouse droppings.


  80. Vincent Venturelli Says:

    @Robert-Fibronet Well, from what I hear, I have the original revised version with a 15MB Page Pool to correct an error that the original build had with the smaller pool. That may be where the extra RAM was allocated to. Build 23081 that Trashcan supplies, from what I hear, is no better than 23017. It is all about preference, the 23081 build has some of the factory Samsung firmware items removed in favor of third-party ones. The is also a subtle scroll bar and check box change in 23081. Honestly, My phone is running so stable on 23017 that I will probably stay with it until the official ROM is released. We will see!

    Also, it goes without saying, but this is an un-official release and there is always the chance that you could turn a working phone into a non-working one so make sure you are willing to take the risk and backup everything before you attempt to flash the phone and make sure you follow the instructions above to the letter. Enjoy!

    If you have anymore questions, just let me know!

  81. Casanova Says:

    Someone please help i keep getting this error and when my phone restarts it still has Windows 6.1
    And it makes me realign the screen like if its reset but my settings are still there, anyone know whats going on?

    PDA Device Found!
    PDA Device ready to download!
    PDA 1 starts downloading…
    Don’t plug it out until the label becomes blue!!!
    Step 1. Download Eboot
    Downloading EBOOT…
    EBOOT downloaded.
    Step 2. PDA Download
    Downloading PDA region #1(DISKIMAGE)…
    PDA m_nlength : 88216767
    PDA Write count : 682
    PDA finished!!
    PDA downloaded.
    Step 4. Downloads Phone image
    Downloading PHONE…
    ChangeUSB ok
    ret == WAIT_TIMEOUT
    KW.KIM Create retry(25)
    KW.KIM Create retry(24)
    KW.KIM Create retry(23)
    KW.KIM Create retry(22)
    KW.KIM Create retry(21)
    KW.KIM Create retry(20)
    KW.KIM Create retry(19)
    KW.KIM Create retry(18)
    KW.KIM Create retry(17)
    KW.KIM Create retry(16)
    KW.KIM Create retry(15)
    KW.KIM Create retry(14)
    KW.KIM Create retry(13)
    KW.KIM Create retry(12)
    KW.KIM Create retry(11)
    KW.KIM Create retry(10)
    KW.KIM Create retry(9)
    KW.KIM Create retry(8)
    KW.KIM Create retry(7)
    KW.KIM Create retry(6)
    KW.KIM Create retry(5)
    KW.KIM Create retry(4)
    KW.KIM Create retry(3)
    KW.KIM Create retry(2)
    KW.KIM Create retry(1)
    KW.KIM Create retry(0)
    Download failed!!-PHONE

  82. vinneme Says:

    did you put it as image? and load it up on the pda?

    and does anyone know how to make the letters more combined? when i go through my contact list, i can only see 2 at a time :S

  83. thelooti Says:

    Hi there,

    I was just wondering if i can install this 6.5 on my samsung i780. I bought this i780 and it came with wm6.1. Here’s a comparison:

    I hope it will work cause I really want to install 6.5


  84. Vincent Venturelli Says:

    @thelooti, I wouldn’t try it if I were you. The firmware was written specifically for the i907′s hardware and if you (If it would even let you) install it on the i780, chances are you would irreversibly brick the phone. It’s not worth it. If they are rolling a new update for the i780, then I suggest you wait patiently, if not, you should pick up a supported Windows Mobile 6.5 phone or an Epix for cheap if you can stomach the home brew build (Which I haven’t had any problems with) That is IF you want Windows Mobile 6.5 that badly. Good Luck!

  85. Vincent Venturelli Says:

    @thelooti, also, I just checked the specs for the i780, it runs Windows Mobile 6.0 Microsoft announced that they will NOT be providing an update to Windows Mobile 6.5 on any phone lower than Windows Mobile 6.1, meaning that there will not be an official update for your phone. If you can find a home brew of 6.5 for your phone, I would go that route, if not, than your stuck with what you got. Sorry to break the bad news! Once again, Good Luck!

  86. thelooti Says:

    Thank you Vincent. I will definitely think twice before I try 6.5.

    And yes, i780 is pretty old phone. it originally came with 6.0. But I just purchased it new, and the new ones come with 6.1. However the hardware is the same. But hardware wise, it is really similar to Epix. 320×320 screen, i780 has 624MHz processor, 128 Ram, 256 Rom, touch screen etc… This is why I thought this 6.5 can work for it. But I dont know why wont it work when it has same hardware specifics…

    Thnx again,

  87. Vincent Venturelli Says:

    @thelooti, They are pretty similar phones but I do see a few differences, The first is the Epix has 150MB of RAM while the i780 has only 128MB. It may seem like a subtle difference but the ram hungry 6.5 needs all the extra ram you can get. I have about 45MB of free ram after booting 6.5, if you took away the 22MB difference between the two, you would only have 23MB left on the i780. I think that alone could be a big problem. Also, the i780 doesn’t have the same keyboard as the Epix and I think the mapping could be different making the keyboard unusable. Also, the radios would be a problem too. The Epix has a Quad Band GSM Radio with HSDPA US 3G where as the i780 has a Tri-Band GSM radio with the Euro 3G Band. In the update, it will update the radio firmware if it doesn’t match the version in the firmware and trying to flash a baseband that doesn’t match could cripple the phone functions alone, never mind the rest of the phone. With this in mind, it is possible to have the phone functions crippled after trying to install the 6.5 update and if it fails, trying to revert to 6.1 may work, but your phone functions still will not. It’s very risky and I would only try it if you have an extra i780 laying around somewhere that isn’t your main device. Also, the last thing, Because it is specifically written for the i907, I believe the i780 would fail the firmware signature upon boot making the phone hang upon boot without actually booting (If you were able to get pass everything I stated above) and I think that would be the biggest brick wall to hurdle over. Pretty much, you can only use firmware designed specifically for your phone. :) I hope this helps clarify some more!

  88. Dusty Wright Says:

    ***make sure your phone is in modem mode. Otherwise it won’t download.***

    I spent forever trying to get it to work, so i switched it to modem mode and BAM, it immediately kicked in.

    Its writing image as i type!!!

  89. oti Says:

    Hi there,

    I started the process as described above and it stopped in “Writing Dummy CSC Headers” – I mean it didnt do anything after that. So I pulled the battery and put it back on and I waited for more than 5 mins but nothing shows up. Its in dark screen (light is on cause the screen is dark blue…)

    Can you please help me???

    btw: I had my SIM card in when I started the process, should I try it again without SIM?

  90. oti Says:

    I succeeded in flashing 6.5… :) thnx

    Can you please tell me what is the difference between 128dpi and 96dpi roms??? I would like to have bigger icons, which ones should I choose?

    thnx a lot

  91. LH_Mark Says:

    I like the new interface. The drop down start menu was a drag to use due to the space limitation of the screen (ended up using SPB Mobile Shell to use for the most part). So far, 23081 is running well although I’m training myself to not use the finger mouse (due to the unresolved artifacts left from the mouse pointer). I’m running it without any SPB software at this time in order to see what it’s like to strictly use the 6.5 interface.

  92. Dusty Says:

    WM 6.5 coupled with SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 (just came it), is amazing.

  93. LH_Mark Says:

    I agree, Mobile Shell 3.5 is very cool. I’ll have to try it with WM 6.5

  94. LH_Mark Says:

    I thought to mention that I installed Home Screen Customizer from Marketplace. It’s free. It allows a little customization of the home screen. It works well for me with 23081.

  95. Dream_Machine Says:

    Just installed 23081 for Epix. I did have to unplug when the CSC headers idled. I pulled the battery and then restarted and just completed the setup. I’m excited to see what this is all about. I guess when Samsung releases the actual version, I’ll jump to that one. I do see squares at times, but not an issue right now. I’m an early adopter and can’t wait to stretch it’s legs.

  96. LH_Mark Says:

    @Dream_Machine: As for square artifact from the mouse, just tuck that mouse pointer to the lower right (or left) of the screen and then pratice getting by without the finger mouse unless you absolutely need it. For the most part, due to the more finger friendly design of 6.5, I haven’t been using the finger mouse as much as I was before. Also, I was experiencing the random loss of volume in the previous version but I have not yet experienced this problem with 6.5. Anyone else?

  97. Dream_Machine Says:

    Theme’s doesn’t work, sometimes the exit button doesn’t work, so I have to restart the device. I miss some of the old features, like the start menu, and the menu items are bigger so you have to scroll more.

  98. Thyme Cypher Says:

    You HAVE to use a USB 2.0 or newer port. The Epix will freeze during update with slower ports.

  99. Witty Says:

    ummm i did the update but my calling screen is still the same as in 6.1 …how to i go about changing this do i reinstall the new one or just…idk please i need help everything else is different but that

  100. Witty Says:

    oo and i still have my mouse function as well soo idk what to do??

  101. Vincent Venturelli Says:

    @Witty The calling screen ‘is’ the same as WinMo 6.1, BUT only when the phone is unlocked. If someone calls you when the phone is locked, you get the really pretty slide to Awnser/Ignore and pretty call functions. I’m guessing it is because it is a homebrew. (You lock the phone by holding the end key for a few seconds) The Pretty Call screen only works when someone calls you when it’s locked I believe (At least in my case). The Mouse still works in this 6.5 homebrew the same way it did on 6.1, the only difference is it leaves square block artifacts on the screen when you click or scroll things sometimes, no biggie. Also, make sure you actually have Windows 6.5 by going to start>settings>system>About

  102. Vincent Venturelli Says:

    Oh, And Happy Thanksgiving to All! @Everyone!

  103. Sovereignty Says:

    Anybody want to share the .bin files somewhere else other than Rapidshare? I have not been able to get a slot…


  104. Robert-Fibronet Says:


    just updated my phone using trashcan’s bin file very very nice but needs getting used to. I have a couple of questions. I did a backup using sprite backup is it possible to do a restore and get back my files and programs on the phone or do I have to reinstall everything from scratch ?

    also on email there are icons on the bottom of the screen are they hard programed meaning I can click a button to get to them or do i have to use my finger to tap them. I turned off the mouse to use the 4 way navigation, But I was hoping for 1 handed use.


  105. LH_Mark Says:

    I must say that I’ve been running this cooked ROM on my Epix for the past few weeks and my phone has been working good with a few minor quirks. I have yet to encounter the strange volume issues that I had with 6.1.

    GPS will work but only after making the changes in gptest.exe (instructions found elsewhere on these posts) and in Google Maps. It takes a couple tries outside but once it picks up satellites, Google Maps will get pick them up quicker until the phone is rebooted.

    Overall, I like the new design of 6.5. I’m only using SPB mobile Suite to since I like the missed text, call and voicemal nags. I haven’t installed SPB Mobile Shell since I’m getting used to the 6.5 interface (which I like, perhaps because I have a Zune HD).

    I can now take advantage of a discounted upgrade with AT&T but after looking at what they have to offer, I think I’m going to stick with my Epix for now. HTC Pure looked interesting but from the reviews I’ve read, it sounds rather unspectacular. The Tilt 2 looks good but that’s pricier and that keyboard looks unwieldy (I’ve grown used to the Epix keyboard). No iPhone for me either despite that fact that most if not all the reviews I’ve read point out that this is best smartphone on the market. (Any suggestions from previous Epix users who might be still visiting this site?)

    I still like my Epix. Sucks that this has been a problematic phone for people.

  106. Vincent Venturelli Says:

    @LH_Mark The Epix has been a great phone to me as well. I finally retired it and sold it on eBay. I got a little more for it because it had Windows Mobile 6.5 on it, even though it was home-brew. I have have always had an iPhone for the past 2 years before I got the Epix and I have grown bored of the iPhone and it’s interface. Since I sold the Epix, I believe my new investment will be a Nokia N900. Nokia makes quality products that are reliable and known for not having traditional smart phone problems. The N900 has alot of great features and it really amplify’s how much I liked the Epix. It has everything the Epix has and more so I think it will be a worthy upgrade. The Tilt2 is a great phone, but I preferred the device the way HTC intended with the number row across the top (On the Keyboard) and not gumbled in a block hidden under a Function Key (AT&T’s trademark apparently). It, however is a great phone with one of the best keyboards I have ever laid hands on. It is that good, I would have bought it but I couldn’t see going from one WinMo phone to another, it just didn’t seem like I was going anywhere (?) I guess, at least to me, Windows Mobile is Windows Mobile. (I wouldn’t have bought the Tilt2 though, just because of the keyboard layout, I instead would have bought a Factory Unlocked HTC Touch Pro2). But, if you don’t mind spending the money, I would buy a Nokia N900 or N97. If you do mind and you have never owned an iPhone, there has never been a better time to get one! The feature spec is miles longer than when it first came out and the 3G starts at $99. If you want to renew a new phone under contract, You could always get a Nokia E71x (You can however, get one of these new off ebay unlocked for about $200 without extending your contract) or you could always get a Tilt2, even though it is a bit pricey or even a Garmin Nuvifone! If you don’t want to spend anything, just keep the Epix! It will serve you well until you decide to switch to another device. (Aren’t SIM Card’s Fun? 8-)

  107. Geno Says:

    REQUEST: Samsung Epix i907 “good” screen calibration data.
    I’ve managed to use the MSP_remotealignment tool to get pass the dreaded align tool loop.

    But the default calibration is horrible. I’m sure anyone elses is much better.

    So if you can provide the data thats in this key on your EPIX

    “CalibrationData”=”504,510 781,786 237,787 235,225 774,227 ”

    That is my current above which is way off.

  108. hizhonor Says:

    Here’s what my Epix has for this key:

    513,508 777,800 236,794 232,237 764,238


  109. Tim Says:

    i upgraded to 6.5 a while back and i liked it for a while then it started to freeze up alot. i was wondering how i can switch back to 6.1. i saw the link for trashcans 6.1 thing but when i tried to download it from the website he has it says you need to be a premium member and i dont really want to spend any money. i was just wondering if theres any other way to switch back to 6.1

  110. LH_Mark Says:

    @Tim: If you were running ID1 before trying 6.5 you can go back to 6.1 by downloading and running the ID1 update from Samsung’s site.

  111. LH_Mark Says:

    @Vincent Venturelli: Thanks for the lengthy post. Lots of good information. I think I’ll stick with my Epix for now (although the Tilt2 does look and sound good).

  112. porkie Says:

    can someone give me a link to trashcans 6.1 clean rom? i need a link that is not from rapidshare. can someone upload it to mediafire 4shared megaupload or another file sharing site. the rapidshare link never fully downloads for me. thank you!

  113. SimStimStar Says:

    We now have an updated ETA date from the official microsoft website of February 2010!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!! Hope this is a comprehensive fix!


  114. Windows Mobile 6.5 Arriving on Samsung Epix on February 2010 | Samsung Release Says:

    [...] Windows Mobile 6.5 unofficially available for Samsung Epix [...]

  115. Thomas Says:

    Thanks to everybody for the very helpful posts. I have had the Epix for over a year, without many of the problems some people have reported. I did the official upgrade without much changes. Last week, after long thought and research, I decided to give up on it and bought an Omnia 2 (from Verizon). Loved the phone and WM 6.5! Unfortunately, Verizon doesn’t get good at work (arghh!) and I had to rerurn it and get baCK TO THE ePIX. Very disappointed with the ATT WM choices – I never liked the iphone – as the Pure is rather unimpressive (for $350 tag for me at this point!) and the Tilt 2 is like a brick. So I decided to give the WM 6.5 ROM a try… Installation was succesful (having the Epix in modem mode worked for me). It certainly looks better, although the Omnia 2 screen was way more responsive. Haven’t tried the GPS outside yet, so we’ll see…If the phone remains stable, it should be a nice upgrade for a little while. It is very upsetting that ATT won’t offer any devices that compete with the iphone. I would buy the Omnia 2 or the HTC HD2 in a heartbeat…

  116. Wesley Says:

    I installed and did everything and it workslike a dream except for some wierd text im getting : wvci 1.1 yhoo
    anybody know why?

  117. Jobe Goode Says:

    We got into a fight in my blackjack social. The problem is was how to rotate the dealer role. When should a player step down and be the dealer. Is there some ethics or rules of how to do it?

  118. Trevin Messiah B. Says:

    Thanks this update just took 6min 2 work Thanks trash can

  119. William McGinnis Says:

    I just got my Epix and I’m slap happy. I’ve benn attempting the 6.5 download and keep getting that message about not finding my PDA. I’ve done everything from changing USB locations on my computer(front face, back) to waiting 3 seconds after phone is turned on and pushing detect. I’ve seen other posts about this issue. Anyone have any luck and what procedure did you use. Please help.

  120. Windows Mobile 6.5 unofficially available for Samsung Epix | My … | POWERFUL MARKETING WAYS Says:

    [...] post: samsung epix Windows Mobile 6.5 unofficially accessible for Samsung Epix | My … . Related Posts:The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Verizon Droid SmartphoneSamsung i907 Epix [...]

  121. Shady Says:

    Can some one please tell me how to go back to 6.1.
    I loved the 6.5 update but it was just not for me since im using the epix for t-mobile.
    Anyways can some on please tell me how to go back to 6.1 without re installing it cause I tried that and din’t work.

    my email is

  122. adamk Says:

    Okay guys, I need some help. Idk how but my phone ended up bricking while trying to flash to the new wm6.5 .. I followed everything, direction for direction, it detects my phone and everything. It randomly stops at a certain percentage while installing the ROM everytime, I even left it for 5 hrs and nothing. If I try to re-install ID1 it stops exactly the same way, if I try to turn on my phone on it doesn’t go back the samsung screen and still cant get the rom installed! Please someone helpppp.

  123. Jim Says:

    Is anyone able to get vga working with windows mobile 6.5?

  124. Jim Says:

    I dunno if you’re going to read this three months later, but try running the grand prix program as an administrator (right click, “Run as Administrator”), that worked for me

  125. hizhonor Says:

    Jim says: Is anyone able to get vga working with windows mobile 6.5?

    Posted within the thread on Trashcan’s ROM is a message containing a cab that adds to/modifies RealVGA to work with 6.5. Been using it for several weeks without any issues. I don’t have a specific mess # but it’s towards the end, several pages back. It may also be cross posted in the RealVga thread over there as well.

  126. Marcio Says:

    Hi, folks. Does anybody knows where is the predictive text (aka T9) control on this version? I can’t find it anywhere on my 28008 version.

  127. breeves002 Says:

    so mine ended up bricking as well. My problem is it installs the rom to 100% then hangs there. I left it there for a long, long time. Any ideas on what I should do? In windows 7, running as administrator and running in compatibility for windows vista sp1. 32bit os

  128. jaz.ortz Says:

    can someone make a link of trashcans rom 28008, i cant download it in xda-developers cause the rapidshare link is giving me an file error. thanks in advance…

  129. prion Says:

    it just says waiting for device and it does nothing its just there

  130. prion Says:

    link of trashcans rom 28008

  131. Trevor Says:

    Did you guys see that the officail release is on the samsung web site?!?

  132. Nick Says:

    I saw the same thing. Has anybody used the official 6.5 update from samsung yet?

  133. SamsungSucks Says:

    I got 6.5 installed from my Win7 machine. I did have to change the USB port it was plugged into from the side to the back of my Inspiron 9400 for some reason to get the updater to find my phone.

    I think GPS is working after setting it to use COM1. However I can’t get custom ringtones to work. They show and work for things like e-mail notifications, but when setting the phone ring, or a custom ring for a contact the custom file does not show up. Anyone else run into this problem or get it to work on 6.5? It worked fine in 6.1.

  134. Katherine Says:

    Where is the link to revert back to Windows Mobile 6.1?

  135. Adaline Phillippe Says:

    I’ve by no means been large fan of Apple however I have to admit that the iphone is sort of good! :) I would wish to know if this concern in regards to the iphone four is necessary or not. I would like to purchase the brand new one and I was questioning if the calls actually drop extra or not. Sorry if it is a bit off matter :P Many thanks

  136. Carlos Says:


    I can’t flash the rom. There’s no way of keep the damn phone off while connected. It’s crazy: I plug it in, turn off and restarts. Turn off disconnected, as soon as I connect it to USB. It just boot WinMo, all the time. Is there any way to keep this thing off so I can flash a new rom? Thank you very much.

  137. Sofene Says:

    You probably need to install the modem driver. If you use winxp it is easier