news Windows Mobile 6.5 Officially Released for Samsung Epix

Windows Mobile 6.5 Officially Released for Samsung Epix

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Samsung has FINALLY released Windows Mobile 6.5 for the Samsung Epix.

I have yet to install it, but hizhonor at HoFo reports:

  • Fixes GPS issue
  • Smoother operation that using Trashcan’s ROM

Things to note before upgrading to Windows Mobile 6.5

  • Back up everything on your Samsung Epix you don’t want lost. Upgrading will delete all the files on your phone.
  • There does not appear to be an official means for rolling back to Windows Mobile 6.1. If you decide to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5 you are most likely stuck with Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • Windows 7 users: Run the installer in “Vista Compatibility Mode”

If you try the update, leave a comment about your experience!

samsungepix65 Windows Mobile 6.5 Officially Released for Samsung Epix(Picture of’s new Samsung Epix software support download options)

247 Responses to “Windows Mobile 6.5 Officially Released for Samsung Epix”

  1. Epix's Last Fan Says:

    FINALLY!!!! i’m going to try it right away

  2. danish Says:

    check out for other user’s comments about the upgrade process.

  3. Scott Says:

    I did the upgrade on my Windows 7 machine, it was overly complicated for a manufacturer’s upgrade. Overall, I do like it better. I was finally able to update the Bing app. There are a couple of issues that I have 1) I can’t find any way to chage the sound of my alarm clock… there is no option within the application and there is no place to set it up in sounds and notifications. 2) The exchange email is the default. I set mine up to use gmail, but I cannot rename it from outlook mail.

    Are there any recommended performance tweeks that should be applied from the 6.1 version of this phone? I have not added much.

  4. danish Says:

    I don’t think there is any option for changing the sound of the alarm clock, i couldn’t find one either. as for using gmail with exchange settings; that’s what I did too and you can’t rename it (even 6.1 was like that).

  5. Harry Says:

    There is a way to change the alarm sound. (I am using the menu-organizer-alarm function, not the one built into the time). However, Samsung limited it to under 300 kb sound files. Same for the ring tone.

    To use, highlight and hold until the menu pops up. Then scroll down and select the “set as ringtone” Then go back to alarm and there should be a new option in the listed sound.

  6. Gary Says:

    Can someone point me to the actual instructions for installing the 6.5 update to the Samsung Epix phone? Thanks.

  7. Brian Says:

    Installing 6.5 offical…tried on a vista 32 machine but downloader would crash on phone power on. Decided to try on my usual machine vista 64, so far working. I set usb to modem mode on epix and on power up downloader found device no problem. Currently downloading and looks like it will suceed. Before trying 64 bit machine I hard reset phone and tried on 32 bit machine, still crashing downloader :/

    PDA Device Found!
    PDA Device ready to download!
    PDA 1 starts downloading…
    Don’t plug it out until the label becomes blue!!!
    Step 1. Download Eboot
    Downloading EBOOT…
    EBOOT downloaded.
    Step 2. PDA Download
    Downloading PDA region #1(DISKIMAGE)…
    PDA m_nlength : 110756727
    PDA Write count : 856
    PDA finished!!
    PDA downloaded.
    Step 4. Downloads Phone image
    Downloading PHONE…
    ChangeUSB ok nLen=5 pTxBuff=7e a0 72 55 7e dwTimeout = 100 nRxLen=5 pRxBuff=7e 2 6a d3 7e nLen=5 pTxBuff=7e a0 72 55 7e dwTimeout = 100 nRxLen=5 pRxBuff=7e 2 6a d3 7e
    PHONE downloaded.

  8. danish Says:

    here are the instructions

  9. Justin Says:

    For those of you having troubles getting the installer to function correctly, try a “Hard Reset” before installing.
    From past installs, that is the only thing I found that allowed me to do it successfully.

  10. Brian Says:

    moment of truth….well it started up…different background red orange. please dont be a brick, please? success!

  11. Cee9 Says:

    Can’t seem to get the LED blink reminder for missed call and new text message to work; sound and pop-up display work correctly. Is anyone else having the same problem?

    start->settings->sound & notifications->notifications tab

  12. Matt Says:

    Got it successfully installed too! Mouse cursor looks great! The installer at first didn’t find my system (even after I turned it off), but I just removed the battery, put it back in, and it worked!

  13. uhhhhhhhhhm Says:

    well i just upgraded from a windows xp computer to a mac, and the only other computer i can use is windows 7, is there seriously no way for me to upgrade my epix without using the internet on the actual phone, which i can’t do?

  14. danish Says:

    i did this on Win 7 too – just run the installer in compatibility mode (Vista version)

  15. Justin Says:

    If you are having problems with MP3 rintones and the size of them, not working at ringtones.
    Check out the .CAB file on that increases ringtone size.
    Worked on mine.

  16. JW Says:

    My observations and thoughts:
    1. Be sure to do a hard reset or two before installing
    (I did not do that on my first installation try and the GPS chip did not work properly, a hard reset fixed it)
    2. Use a XP (or Vista) PC to install if possible — easier and more reliable
    3. The official WM6.5 release is an improvement
    a. GPS is fixed (i.e., the aGPS portion works, you no longer have to force it to standalone mode)
    b. Cold GPS starts now take seconds not minutes (that’s due to aGPS working again)
    d. Any battery drain issues you had with ID1 are fixed
    e. The finger friendly interface is better but will require an adjustment period (some customizing possible)
    4. I have experienced a few lock ups since the upgrade. This has been my only bad experience. On ID1 I was seeing lock ups very infrequently. But it is still too early to say this is a trend.
    5. All of my WM apps that ran on 6.1 run fine on 6.5. A couple of them though do not scroll with finger movements (one example – Newsbreak). No big deal because they run and most do seem to be be “finger touch friendly”

  17. Matt Says:

    Thanks JW. My GPS didn’t work after first installing 6.5. I performed a hard reset and it still didn’t work.

    Then I reinstalled 6.5 after the hard reset, and now I can get a lock within seconds on Google Maps.

    The phone now works amazingly well! I’ve had one lock-up running an old program, but no other problems whatsoever. If only it had been like this when I first got this!

  18. murph Says:

    Does anyone know if the Internet Connection Sharing hack still works with 6.5?

  19. Tyler Says:

    murph- yes, it still works but just remember to install the application unlocker first

  20. Tim Says:

    I think the coders forgot to fix the startup splash screen. Before the red screen comes up I still see the green WM6.1 splash. Also does this when powering down. Like 6.5 much better than 6.1ID1.

  21. Dave Says:

    anybody having an issue where the update hangs on the “downloading phone” section. Mine has gotten stuck here 5 times and have yet to get past “switching usb to phone…” it stops at “changeusb ok” and doesn’t continue. If I disconnect the phone the upgrade to 6.5 appears complete but downloader says still downloading when you try to close it.

  22. Dave Says:

    OK. So when it hangs, it does not update the phone side, just the PDA side, but the phone still works and software is Win 6.5 , however I was able to complete the update using Win7 in compatibility mode. not sure what was causing xp to hang at phone update.

  23. Aaron Says:

    Anyone know how to get the battery meter to always display after the 6.5 upgrade? I hate how it only shows up when it’s a low battery alarm.

  24. JW Says:

    Aaron, unfortunately you can no longer just click on the battery meter to see the charge. What you need to do is hit the start button, click on the settings icon settings and then click on the power icon. A royal pain.

  25. JW Says:

    Matt, I had the same issue with the aGPS chip not working right when I first installed 6.5 without a hard reset. I got it working in standalone mode but that was no better than what I had with 6.1 and ID1. Then I came across another post recommending the hard reset. I did the hard reset twice and then checked the aGPS chip and it worked (I did have to set external GPS to com1 though). So I never had to actually reinstall 6.5, — just my add-on apps.

  26. JW Says:

    Another observation. I think my battery life is better with WM6.5. I use a phone GPS program for golf and with WM6.1 I would burn through 50% to 60% of the battery when playing an 18 hole round. After the upgrade to WM6.5 I find I am burning through less than 50% of the battery. The reason may be WM6.5 is able to use the chip in aGPS mode and as a result it takes less time to lock on the satellites. Or perhaps the phone upgrade that came with WM6.5 is more efficient.

  27. Stefan Says:

    After replacing my (original) sync/charge cable that was only charging, I was able to connect my phonme to the computer, and run the update. Took only about 15 minutes. But tons of extra time afterwards to re-install programs and adjust settings to how I want things. WM6.5 IS different so there is a learning curve, but it seems pretty slick

  28. LH_Mark Says:

    Nice to have the official 6.5 release on my Epix, of course, it’s now a back-up phone to my HTC Pure. But it was interesting to play around with the Epix after not using it for some time now. Not sure about the GPS though. I’m going to have to try it outside.

  29. ty Says:

    Cannot open file on XP. After I acknowledge the 3 warnings and click next I get a “File Open Failed. Retry Again.” error. Anyone else?

  30. curious#1 Says:

    Does anyone know if the official 6.5 has the game Bubble Breaker on it? Trash Can’s version did not have that built into the install and I used to let the kids occupy themselves with it when i needed them to be quiet in a public place, lol.

  31. LH_Mark Says:

    @curious#1: Yep, Bubble Breaker is there. Also Solitaire. Plus the demos of Sim 2, Ms. PacMan and Brain Challenge.

  32. ty Says:

    Redownloaded and same error … anyone else?

  33. ps Says:

    The post by Aaron illustrates the downside of 6.5

    The eye candy gets in the way of functionality. Trying to turn an epix into an iphone is just so wrong in so many ways. The epix is chosen by those who are want to *use* a phone device efficiently, not just poke at pretty pictures with oily fingers.

    The buzz of “finger friendly” is not required when the device has a mouse and therefore, a mouse cursor with a tip on it that is finer than any finger. This also extends to the fact that the epix has a keyboard.

    The result of the effort is that lots of menus now have scroll buttons *in* the menu. These are menus that used to be complete as drawn. But, in making the menu “finger friendly” they have become mouse unfriendly.

    Then there is that god-forsaken new start menu. No scroll bars! You have to try to drag the screen up and down using the mouse.

    And the today screen … the active item is always at the center, while everything else is scrolled up or down past the center highlight bar. The date/time bar is nice and readable but useless because there is no easy way to just dock the date/time at the top of the screen where you can see it easily. Depending on where the page has been scrolled to, it could be past the top, past the bottom, or somewhere in between.

    Yes, you can choose the old today screen. But, the new start menu remains. And the battery icon is no longer functional as a quick means of checking the need to charge the battery. One click with the mouse just became: click start, drag down to settings, click settings, drag down to power, click power. That’s right, 1 click becomes 5 operations in the name of finger friendliness.

    And looking around inside, yes more bloatware in the pda base functionality. More dependency on convuluted ways of doing things.

    So, the plan might be:

    1. flash the upgrade to get the new radio firmware

    2. revert to 6.1 for the pda firmware

    Anyone got a link to a clean or stock 6.1 firmware other than trashcan’s?

    Or a way to extract the pre ID1 pda from a pre ID1 phone?

  34. JW Says:

    ty – Never experienced that error so I don’t know the problem. But make sure you are using the right version (XP or Vista), that the modem drivers are on your PC and that your data cable is good. The only other advise would be to do a hard reset before trying the next install and to have only the WM6.5 executable open on the PC (i.e., close down everything else including things that start up automatically).

  35. JW Says:

    ps – you make good points regarding the suitability (or lack of) finger friendly on the EPIX. I love the EPIX’s mouse so the new finger friendly screens were not an improvement to me. They are not terrible just not an improvement. I went back to the old today screen so it has become bearable for me. Still there are times where what used to take a click or two now takes 3, 4 or even 5 actions.

    That all said, the upgraded radio firmware makes this a must have upgrade.

  36. JW Says:

    One final thought/statement — This upgrade has fixed my EPIX enough that it’ll stick around for at least a few months and perhaps into next year. However, it is not enough to really satisfy me and it is only a matter of time until I switch to an Android or iPhone. I’ve given up on the WM experience and their inability to compete effectively by keeping their product current. I don’t give WM7 much of a chance, Microsoft has simply missed the market window and will be an also ran behind Apple and Google. They won’t be last — that spot is reserved for Palm.

  37. danish Says:

    JW – how have MS lost the market window if there are ppl like you and me around who need to upgrade? :) I’m also hanging on to see whether MS has improved but until then I think my Epix can last a couple more months. It really is functioning better with the upgrade.

  38. danish Says:

    If the new Win 7 phone are not worth the upgrade, i’m seriously switching to Sprint to get the Evo

  39. LH_Mark Says:

    From what I’ve seen, Windows Phone 7 is what I’m looking for. Holding tight for the release. Meanwhile, I’ll stick with my WinMo phones and ignore the critics. I’m just p***ed at AT&T and their spotty network. And that affects all users, iPhone and WinMo alike.

  40. codejockey1 Says:

    I upgraded my non-ID1 handset the other day and I have a few questions:

    1. Should/can I do the ID1 upgrade now?
    2. Does anybody else see microscopic HTML form fields in the new internet explorer? I know there is a zoom feature which works great for normal text, but all text fields and buttons are so small there barely usable.
    3. My GPS which used to work pretty well, now cannot lock on to satellites. I’m going to try the hard-reset routine recommended above, but I wonder if this also could relate to my #1?

  41. ty Says:

    Was finally able to install … I curse Samsung everytime I update one of their devices!!

  42. ty Says:

    Device will only connect to edge network … no 3g. Anyone else have this issue?

  43. OlDirtyJohn Says:

    This is great! I actually enjoy using my phone now. I now have ZERO problems with my epix. WinMo 6.5 is pretty slick, much more touch screen friendly now. I was very close to getting a new phone (Evo 4g on Sprint) but now i think ill hold off a little while.

    To those of you who say this update is difficult to do: really? how hard is installing a couple drivers, starting the update program, then plugging in/turning on your phone? thats all there is to it.

  44. Jo Bu Says:

    So far WM 6.5 has been mostly positive for me. One really annoying thing is the default zoom level in the new IE. Most sites open up overly zoomed in which cuts off the text on the right side of the screen. Zooming back out is a pain and there are no options to fix it.

  45. Ed Says:

    I had much trouble getting past the “Waiting for the device…” I spent an hour on Samsung Tech Support and finally found the problem. In ActiveSync, File/Connection Settings, uncheck “Allow USB Connections” before running the WM6.5 updater. Maybe no one else had this problem, but hope it helps.

  46. OlDirtyJohn Says:

    Jo Bu, simple fix, get the opera browser, i love it!

    and Ed, i had a very similar problem, it wouldn’t work for me until i unchecked “enable advanced network functionality” in the USB to PC setting. i didnt even bother with samsung tech support though, i just assumed that they are worthless.

  47. danish Says:

    i followed these instructions to the letter and didn’t have any problems:

  48. Matt Says:

    Interestingly enough, my GPS has stopped working again. It locked on in a couple of seconds for a few days and now it’s back to broken. I hard reset my device, but the GPS unit now never gets a lock. I’ve messed with the port setting to no avail.

    Oh well, at least everything else is working fine.

  49. Epix_User_NA Says:

    I upgraded from ID1 with the GPS working in stand-alone mode (no data plan). It would get a sat lock in 3-4 min. Now with the win 6.5 upgrade the GPS takes forever to lock if at all (10-20 min). Sometimes it doesn’t even lock unless I plug it in for power.

  50. epix_stepchild Says:

    It would be nice if there could be poll to show how many have updated and how many are having problems with GPS… so far I have seen at least two people say GPS still no good after 3.5 update. I am now very hestitant to update, since I have a pre-ID1 phone that has no problem with GPS.

  51. SB Says:

    I tried updating to this and it started well enough – but now it won’t get past the “SAMSUNG” screen….It’s still saying “Waiting for the Device”. I’m a little concerned about unplugging it now. I’m getting the error message – “PDA Device Found Faile..close device. PDA Device not found.”

    Do you have to get a replacement now?

  52. Tyler Says:

    SB, I had the same error when installing with Vista 64-bit, then I tried with XP 32-bit and it worked fine.

  53. JW Says:

    I updated with a XP 32 bit machine with no issues (had to install the modem drivers first). At first GPS did not work. In order to get the GPS working at all I had to set the External GPS setting to com port 1 and use the GPSTest executable to force it to standalone mode. At that point I was no better off than I was on ID1. What truly fixed GPS was hard resetting the EPIX twice. I still had to set it to com port 1 manually but now assisted GPS works (it is actually in the default MS Based setting) and I get cold starts in 10 seconds or less. Battery life when using a GPS app is better than before.

  54. JW Says:

    danish – I hung around with the EPIX waiting for the WM6.5 update because I wasn’t eligible for a cheap phone upgrade yet and because I wasn’t satisfied with the iPhone or Android options, yet. The latest iPhone and Android OS releases have me ready to jump. But I’m going to wait some more so that Apple can fix their iPhone antenna issue and for more appealing Android options to become available on AT&T.

    The main reason I think WM is in trouble is Microsoft either cannot or will not turn around their upgrades fast enough. Apple makes major OS revisions for the iPhone annually and Google is updating Android even faster. By the time we can actually buy a WM7 phone I think all it will do is match what Apple and Google are selling today. And at that point we’ll be 6 months from another Apple and Google update that will leave Microsoft in the dust.

    Just my opinion.

  55. ps Says:


    If a phone does *exactly* what you want, is it wise or cost-effective to switch to a different format?

    You will go from a mouse with precision control and a proper keyboard to some piece of shiny plastic that you have to stab with your finger. A piece of plastic that has to be charged pretty well every day instead of once a week.

    Did you also know that the ipad is non-multitasking? And, by extension, does this extend to the iphone?

    The reason for the earlier rant was not because the epix was bad, but rather that 6.5 has ruined the 6.1 functionality. The plan was to keep it forever. It still is because 6.5 was inflicted on a newly acquired spare.

  56. JoshB Says:

    OK, so I’ve flashed successfully, and get the orange boot screen. After that, I seem stuck on the ‘align screen’ page. I can get the cursor to register middle, top left, bottom left, bottom right, top right (though it takes almost 5 minutes of pushing to get it to move between each). After that, the alignment cursor is back in the middle again.

    Googling says to delete the ‘welcome’ file under \phone\windows, which I can’t seem to access.

    Any thoughts?

  57. Epix_User_NA Says:

    –JoshB– You need a new digitizer, mine went out about 2 weeks ago for no reason, didnt fall, and no scratches. Same problem you are having but with ID1 not win 6.5. Bought a new one off of ebay for $15 and was fixed. Pretty easy to replace.

  58. tbird635 Says:

    I did the update and it hung on the “Step 4. Downloads Phone image” on my xp 32bit. Tried on my win7, hung before that (Windows Mobile Device Center issue?).
    Borrowed a friend’s laptop with xp 32bit, installed activesync, then the modem drivers (preinstall) , THEN connected the phone, and it went off without a hitch. I think my issues were mainly from not installing (or an outdated version of) activesync 4.5, which MUST be installed and working properly first before it would update.

  59. Epix_User_NA Says:

    Ok. Setting changing the gps program port from GDP1 toCOM1 works. GPS fires up immediatly looking for sats and locks within 1-2 min. This is with no data plan with the gps on standalone. I dont need to go into gpstest to get it working. Just fire up garmin and it works a million times better than ID1 or pre-ID1.

  60. tbird635 Says:

    Should have tried in ActiveSync, File/Connection Settings, uncheck “Allow USB Connections” and maybe I would have been ok on the first pc. Who knows.

  61. Not liking 6.5 Says:

    I have to agree with many of you about 6.5 being all but a flashy show. I wish my start menu was more efficient, rather than having to scroll MANY times until i get near the bottom of the list to get what I need. It also eats ram off the phone a lot more than my 6.1 and spb mobile shell 3.0 or 3.5….That is rather annoying…i might just have to use spb again because 6.5 just isnt doing it for me.

  62. danish Says:

    yeah i agree the GUI is not on par with SPB mobile shell. i have that installed again now after the 6.5 upgrade. i have to tell you, it works better now – much smoother. with 6.1 my only problem used to be that the phone would freeze for no reason even when it was inactive and some times it would happen several times in a day. since i upgraded, i have not rebooted even once!

  63. Epix_User_NA Says:

    Everybody likes to complain. We are lucky we even got this upgrade, considering how old the phone is. Its a huge improvement in stability and gui over 6.1. Takes a little tweaking, but you can add your most recently used programs to the apps screen. I’m glad the phone finally works as advertised. I post to try and bring up issues so that people can figure out how to resolve them. You can also download a free program from win marketplace to customize the today screen. Play around with the OS and you’ll get used to it.
    Overall — Major improvement

  64. Not liking 6.5 Says:

    I know, I really can’t complain and I do appreciate that samsung actually released it, no matter how late it was. I have to say everything does run better and I’ll just put spb back on since i was using that for a year and got used to its layout

  65. Not liking 6.5 Says:

    All we gotta do is wait for a pro to cook a nice rom to make it even leaner >:)

  66. James Says:

    Already done…..

  67. James Says:

    Does anyone have issues with Media Player taking forever in between songs to buffer on 6.5? On 6.1 changing music was snappy… I have to wait and sometimes it locks up.

    Glad m contract is over, waiting for better Android and WP7 on AT&T

  68. Peter Says:

    Coming from someone who origionally did not like the 6.5 “finger friendly” style or the new menu system using previous 6.5 roms for the epix I must say I really like the official rom. The annoying circular soft buttons are gone, the hotkeys and mouse work great. You can still switch back to the old today screens which I prefer (more options) Contacts and threaded SMS look better, support finger scrolling and seem to respond faster than 6.1.

    There are two parts to these updates the phone rom (What actually talks to the towers) and the OS (windows mobile) … The OS update runs first and the phone rom runs immediatly after that.

    At first I had some trouble with the phone update.. After the OS updated to 6.5 it would setup a com port to update the phone rom but that process would hang and not do anything or provide any feedback. I eventually went into device manager when the serial port was setup and changed the default baud rate from 965000 to 115200. Once this change was made I re-ran the update and this time both the OS and phone rom were updated.

    I use epixvga (real vga package) and it works and looks great for the most part. However there is one problem that Internet explorer crashes immediatly with the realvga patch. Until I figure that out I went back to ID1 for the OS ONLY.

    What I did was set the baud back to 965000 to sabatoge the phone rom update but allow the OS to switch back to 6.1 – ID1. This means assisted GPS et al now works perfectly with 6.1 and I can just restore my backup without rebuilding and reinstalling everything.

    Eventually I would like to switch to 6.5 when I can set aside some time to reinstall applications and either fix IE crashing with realvga or try out a different browser.

    For those who just want the phone issues like GPS fixed and want to keep 6.1 that combo is working perfectly for me so far. (PDA pi907UCID1, PHONE i907UCJD1)

  69. ASK Says:

    Peter, can you write a more detailed guide to upgrade only the phone ROM? The mouse pointer was designed for 6.1, not 6.5.

    As a quick note, the best program I’ve installed on my phone is QuickMenu. I didn’t realize how natural it feels until I was back to the original (and annoying) start menu after a hard reset…

  70. JW Says:


    For me the EPIX is serviceable and has generally worked well. That has kept me with it for over two years now. I do like the mouse and the physical keyboard but am finding the screen becoming dated (size and resolution). I have found over time that I do not access the internet very often due to the small screen and what I think is a slow response. The response time is not due to connection speed — my 3G connection and download speed is actually pretty good. I also have Opera loaded so my issues are not IE related.

    Friends with Android devices or the iPhone are able to browse the internet much faster and more effectively. My only hang up right now is deciding if I really want to give up a physical keyboard. Until I’m sure I won’t switch.

    And BTW, iPhone 4′s OS now does multi-task. Purists will state correctly it is not true multi-tasking because Apple only lets certain types of apps stay open at the same time. But it is a big improvement and the lack of any multi-tasking was always one reason I was not considering a iPhone.

  71. Peter Says:

    ASK, here are the steps I took.

    1. Installed the 6.5 patch (updates OS and Phone)

    2. Once booted with the new OS set the USB port to modem from start/settings/connections/usb connection mode, connect the usb cable to your computer, go to the windows device manager and set the baud rate to the highest setting ~956000 baud for the samsung modem device.

    3. Install the 6.1 ID1 patch. It will update the OS and automatically switch to serial mode and attempt to update the phone rom. At this point it will log a message I think it was ‘changeusb ok’ and just sit there forever and do nothing else. This is your queue to disconnect the USB and pull the battery to reset the phone. I would wait a minute or so from the changeusb message to be on the safe side and make sure its not going to start loading the phone rom just as you yank the usb cable.

    This left me with the old 6.1 and the new phone rom.

  72. ed Says:

    What happened to Internet Sharing program on WM6.5 to tether the phone to PC? i can’t find it anywhere. Please help.

  73. Jeff Says:

    Made the upgrade last night, and here are my initial thoughts:
    I miss the visible scroll bar on the right side of the screen when using IE, i like using the pointer, and this makes it more difficult to one handed use the scroll feature.

    I do not lke the IE opens to the home page everytime. In 6.1 it opened the last page I was on…I like that, otherwise I close IE and then open it to finish what I was reading and it instantly goes to the home page.

    Also in IE I can not get the browser page to fill the screen automatically, it seems that every site I visit I have to change the zoom level.

    It is easier to change between message types than before.

    Not the best instructions for updating, but I got through it, I always felt like…is this what I am supposed to do…it should be a little more intuitive.

  74. ps Says:


    Do you have an alternative link to the ID1 update?

    It seems to have been retired from the Samsung support site.

  75. ps Says:


    Yes, the missing scrollbar is a big gotcha. It always feels like keeping the mouse button depressed is going to break something.

    Has anyone else noticed that re-entering a program does not work the same way?

    If you start a text message, then open another program to consult something, then go back to the text message, you will be put into the inbox. The text message in progress is nowhere to be found. It’s probably the same for email. It also happens on a number of other programs that were tried. No more jumping around from app to app and returning to the same place in the app.

  76. Alan Says:

    A lot of people seem to be complaining about IE or the mouse. My first question is, why would you even use IE in the first place? Granted, the first thing I did with my phone was install Opera Mobile so I don’t actually know what the browsing experience is with IE but I can’t imagine it being any better than Opera considering their desktop equivalents.

    Secondly, why do you need a mouse? I’ve been using my Epix for a year now with 6.5 roms and I’ve never even thought to myself that a mouse would be better used at any point. I suppose some people are used to using the mouse but 6.5 simply isn’t designed for a mouse so there’s really no point in complaining about it. I don’t think not having a mouse has slowed down my usage at all, if anything it’s much faster using the touchscreen.

  77. Matt Says:

    I’m pretty satisfied with all of the changes. I do rue the loss of the optical mouse functionality a bit, but the new IE has a number of notable improvements.

    I’ve hard reset the phone by both software and command line several times to no effect for the GPS. It just doesn’t work. The really odd part was that it was working perfectly for a couple of days (no setting changes, locks in seconds) and it stopped. No big deal for me though, I’m just happy that the 6.5 is much more stable than before.

  78. Matt Says:

    Sorry to double post, but after this last hard reset the GPS actually is working again! Thanks JW for your suggestions again. I switched the GPS port to COM 1 and for some reason I got a lock in google maps within seconds.

  79. ps Says:


    the point of the mouse is that it offers greater precision, therefore things can be closer together without having to allow for fat fingers.

    stabbing at the screen with fingers is not for everyone.

    6.5 may not be built for mice, but is noticing that fact and its effects complaining?

    is noticing that they had to disable clicking on the power icon to get a quick battery because they had to allow for a bigger poke at the “X” icon foolish?

    6.1 is far better suited to the particulars of the epix hardware.

  80. Alan Says:


    I don’t know about you ps, but I would consider the touchscreen to be one of the particulars of the epix hardware.

    Window 6.1 was flawed, which was why it required the amount of precision that you’re talking about. It was this very flaw that required the use of an optical mouse in the first place. 6.5 address this flaw by allowing for operation with your fingers, your each individual press doesn’t have to be as precise yet you can get just as much done.

    With windows 6.1 the touch screen was essentially useless unless you like using your stylus. 6.5 has fixed that.

  81. Ian Says:

    for whatever reason when i try to leave a text message it freezes and requires me to restart the phone. really really annoying. and half the time my texts dont make a chime. im not happy with the update over all.

  82. JW Says:

    Anyone else noticing more dropped calls and an occasional lock up? With 6.1 and ID1 I had GPS issues (that could be worked around) but I almost never had dropped calls and only rarely locked up the phone (maybe once in 6 months). Now 2 weeks into the 6.5 experience I have a fully functioning GPS; however, I’ve had perhaps 6 dropped calls and 3 lock ups that required pulling the battery. The dropped calls were in places I never had issues with before and at times when I believe I had a good signal (3 or more bars). The lockups to be fair are only happening when I’m using my GPS enabled golf app so maybe there’s a very specific issue with that app (Intelligolf).

    Not complaining here because I think he 6.5 upgrae is a sigificant improvement. Just interested to hear if anyone else has had these problems.

  83. J.D. Says:

    I’ve had one lockup, but I had a ton of apps running at the time. Dropped calls are not an issue.

    Ian did you do a hard reset after the update? A lot of people have said that makes a difference.

    Alan I agree that 6.5 reduces the need for a mouse, but there are still many instances were it is useful. I still use mine quite often.

    Does anyone know of a way to rearrange their start menu like you could in trashcan’s rom? as far as I can tell the only option you have is ‘move to top’

  84. Epix_User_NA Says:

    If you want the Win Mob 6.5 lockscreen go to


    Change “ShowLockScreenPicker” from “0 to 1″

    Then you can go start>settings>lock and a new tab named “Display” will be availabe.
    You can now pick either “Windows Classic or Windows Default” for the Unlock display
    Windwos Default = Win 6.5 Lock Screen

    When chaning the lock screen a restart will be needed.
    ~Have Fun~

  85. jonchance_84 Says:

    i have done the registry changes to allow the windows default lock screen and it worked for a few days. now suddenly no matter what i do it only locks to the original epix lock screen…even after multiple hard resets (and messing with the registry) :/

  86. Epix_User_NA Says:

    You shouldn’t do it through the registry. You need to enable the lock screen picker through the registry and enable the lock screen through start>settings>lock
    Mine has been working since I updated. Dont enable the lock screen through the registry. Only do it through the windows settings menu.

  87. Alan Says:

    Ok, I finally managed to get the official AT&T 6.5 rom on here and I have to say, it looks great. but they didn’t use 6.5.3 which is the one with the bubble buttons on the bottom. I don’t like the bubble buttons but at least it’s not retarded in having the x at the top right of the screen. Now I can understand why some people would have gripes with this ROM, clearly not overly finger friendly as 6.5 should be. But it does look much much sharper than the cooked roms online.

  88. Alan Says:

    UGH and they don’t allow auto configuration of non AT&T networks. That’s gotta be a crime.

  89. danish Says:

    Epix_User_NA; which registry editor did you use? i’ve been unsuccessful so far in making a change to the registry – keep getting an access denied error

  90. ASK Says:

    I still can’t update de phone…

    I wonder how is it possible that people, having the optical mouse, still prefeers the touchscreen. It is far more accurate and above all, far more ergonomic. The sensor is much closer to your finger and you don’t have to move it long distances to cover a big area, as it needed with a touchscreen. If that wasn’t enough, you don’t get the screen dirty with yur finger’s oil; a big plus considering that phones are often used outdoors.

    I would get rid of the touchscreen altogether. The Epix needs very few things to make it the best phone ever:

    1.- 3″ regular format (4:3) non-touchscreen VGA (480×640) screen. It must be transreflective.
    2.- Directional pad around the optical mouse. Currently, scrolling in any direction is big pain.
    3.- Standard Micro USB connection with a regular 3.5 headphone jack. I think, however, tha Micro USB is a step backwards compared to Mini USB.
    4.- It would be nice to add some serious security functionality. I’m pretty sure they could add a fingerprint scanner to the optical mouse.

    It would also be nice if they allowed you to boot from the SD card, so you can upgrade the OS without annoying propietary processes…

  91. Harry Says:

    Yeah, I don’t think any of that will be happening. The Epix has been out for a while, way beyond the normal 1 year lifespan for a phone. We were lucky enough to not get one major update, but 2 (granted the ID1 caused more problems than it was suppose to fix).

  92. Epix_User_NA Says:

    You connect the phone to the computer and use “CeRegEditor” from the PC to edit the registry. I don’t like editiing it from software on the phone.
    In order to make certain changes you have to go to

    Tools>Unlock registry

    After this you can make any changes you want. Be cautious, you can screw up the phone fast. If you run into problems with a change that you make either change it back using the registry or if not possible Hard Reset the phone.

  93. epix_stepchild Says:

    Well I finally did the update… Samsung is a turd of a company… if you follow the directions exactly you will not get anything to update… if you try some of the suggestions in other posts you will likely get the WM6.5 OS, but the phone ROM update will fail. Still playing around with the new OS and so far so good, but I am still trying to get use to it and get it customized enough with other apps and settings to be happy.

    Here is what Samsung should mention in their directions…

    While you are in Device Manager on the PC that you will be updating from checking whether the USB and Modem drivers are installed… you need to change the Modem communication speed from 965000 to 115200 (lower the speed). Then you will need to reboot the PC in order for the change to take affect.

    Before launching the update on the PC…

    On the PC right click on ActiveSync icon in the tray – choose connections… – and uncheck allow USB connections

    Go back into the phone and change the USB connection setting to Modem if it was set to ActiveSync.

    Go into USB to PC settings in the phone and uncheck allow enchanced network blah blah…

    Then turn off the phone… Launch the Update on the PC… Turn the phone back on… and it should work from there by following the directions.

    Good Luck…

  94. Alan Says:


    I think comparing the optical pad to the touch screen is a bit misguided. On a properly optimized operating system, things like accuracy are not as important as everyone is making it out to be. Try using 6.5.3 and you’ll realize you never need to be accurate. Plus you can get place much quicker, you put your finger there and it’s pressed. On 6.1 (and this samsung update) it’s necessary to have some amount of accuracy because the elements are so small, even more so if you were to use epixvga or anything of the sort. But because this is a resistive touch screen and not capacitive, I generally use my finger nail on the screen so that improves accuracy a great deal.

    I also don’t know how you hold your phone but for me, to place my thumb on the screen is much more natural than to place it on the optical pad when I’m using it for one handed operation.

    Two handed operation is a different story, but as I said, if the operating system was optimized it wouldn’t be an issue. With this samsung update, it’s crap. The start menu is at the top, the close button is at the top, so much crap is wrong with it. 6.5.3 fixes pretty much all these issues (though start button really isn’t an issue since there’s a hardware button for it already).

  95. Alan Says:

    I might add to people who haven’t updated to 6.5 yet, update it to this samsung update and then flash it with something else. I’m going to keep using this samsung update because I can adapt to anything, but for a proper 6.5 experience use one of the ROMs from xda-developers. There’s one out now that’s based on this new release and it’s 6.5.3 so it should work quite well. The Samsung 6.5 update is barely more usable than 6.1 with the touch screen and a huge step down if you’re going to use it with the optical pad.

  96. Not liking 6.5 Says:

    somehow i’m getting more trouble getting my gps programs to work, such as iGo 8. I am not using a data plan and have my agps disabled, but having waited for more than 20 mins, it cannot connect to any satellites…

  97. JW Says:

    @Not Liking: Try changing it to standalone or perhaps Assisted mode. The default value is MS Based which I believe is a form of assisted GPS where the phone uses a data connection to assist in locating the satellites quickly. You’ll need to open up GPSTest (in the windows folder) andmake the change in the GPS options screen. If you end up having to use standalone it’ll probably take 4 to 5 minutes to lock on the satellites from a cold start. Oh and you may also have to change the external GPS setting to com port 1.

  98. C10 250 Says:

    Overall I’m pretty happy with this update. Much so that I bought another epix off craigslist incase anything ever happens to this on. My main gripe is with the start menu. I’m really miss the old one but there are too many great 6.5 features discouraging me from switching back to 6.1.
    A few other observations:
    The over all funtion is a slightly sluggish. No big deal but noticeable. About as much as when I changed a Blackjack II to 6.1

    The epix screen is just too small to fully appreciate the touch friendly interface. The bigger features just get crowded fast, especially in the conacts menus and the soft key menus. I found a great fix for that though…when you change to certain themes under today settings, you get much of the old style back. In my case I love being being able to touch scroll while having a few more conacts and all the soft key options displayed on screen (this is where the mouse gets to shine.) I really didn’t like having scroll all the way down just to exit/close programs.

    When trying to hold down the Fn key while pushing key for symbols it instead types random capital letters. Thank God the number keys work as normal, or else it would have been big deal breaker. Symbols usually come one at a time but numbers come in a string. A minor anoyance that will take a little adjusting.

  99. JW Says:

    @Alan: Can you post some info or a link to what you consider the best 6.5.3 ROM out there? That plus is there is any downside to flashing such a ROM.

  100. ASK Says:


    This is Windows CE underneath. It’s essentially a tiny computer. It can browse and manage large amounts of files (with file associations), explore network shares, drag and drop, has a real clipboard, real GUI controls., etc.. and all of this from years ago. Most phone users don’t even know such things are possible. I doubt WebOS, for example, is capable of handling an external mouse or keyboard, even if the device had an USB port. To reduce the amount of information on the screen at a given moment is a step backwards, not forward.

    The reason for simplification is that years ago only pros had devices like this and they knew how to use them. Now we’re being crowded by people who barely knows how to use their phone at all. They don’t know about computers in general, so they don’t miss any advanced functionality.

    You’re comparing oranges to apples. Everything possible with the finger is possible with the mouse, but not even half of what is possible with the mouse is possible with the finger. That’s why you won’t see desktop computers exchanging mouses for touchscreens. It’s just fashion. Nice but useless.

  101. Alan Says:


    You would have found people saying similar things when computers first started adopting mice instead of using the keyboard. The ONLY thing I feel that a mouse is better at, is drag and dropping items or highlighting text. I still feel clicking across a screen is faster with a touchscreen, though with a screen as small as the epix it’s debatable. But I’d much rather just click the top right of my screen than have to move my mouse from the bottom left corner. But again, that’s my own preference.


    I used trashcan’s latest (and seemingly last ROM) for probably about 6 months or more without any sort of issue. It broke the mouse so that was a bit of a problem but I never found myself having to use a mouse. I say 6.5.3 because that’s supposedly the one that added bubble buttons at the bottom. I’m not sure with too many other roms but if you check xda-developers they seem to have a couple new ones going as a result of the new release. As other people have said, you definitely want to flash the official so you get the new radio firmware or rom or w/e it’s called. Then you can flash w/e software you want on top.

    I downloaded Fenrir_WM6.5_23668 and it seemed to run pretty well. It’s supposedly built on top of the new release and I believe they said that the mouse works but I’m not sure. I actually flashed to this before doing the official so I’m currently running the official 6.5 rom until I eventually get annoyed enough with it to try something new.

  102. Liking 6.5 (former Not liking 6.5) Says:

    @Epix_User_NA – would i have to application unlock before i am able to use ce reg editor? It seems that I cannot make any reg edits if i didnt do this. TIA

  103. ROoney10 Says:

    Hey guys, i am running windows 7 and am having trouble with the downloader. I switched it to vista compatibility mode and then run the downloader but after i check the bos for the acknowledge warnings it says, “Modem driver is not found on the system. Please follow driver installation process, and then restart downloader.” Any help guys woul dbe appreciated…

  104. danish Says:

    Epix_User_NA — the software you suggested worked – CeRegEditor. I did have to run it in Xp SP3 mode and as an admin. I then connected to the device, went to the tools menu (in the editor) and unlocked the registry. after making the changes, rebooted the device – went into Settings, Lock (on the phone) and changed to Default. Working great now.

    ROoney10 — did you follow the instructions to change the USB connection types to modem? – are you running 64 bit Win 7? i wasn’t able to make it work on that, had to use 32 bit.

  105. Epix_User_NA Says:

    @Liking 6.5 (former Not liking 6.5) Says
    You install CeRegEditor on you computer, not the phone. Then you unlock the registry from CeRegEditor. You dont need an application unlocker.

  106. ROoney10 Says:

    Wel i got to step four and its hanging on waiting for device and ive tried a bunch of thigns that people have suggested on here but i have no luck, i am running 64 bit win 7. Any input?

  107. Epix_User_NA Says:

    Use a computer with Visa 32Bit.

  108. ROoney10 Says:

    well not everybody have access to different computers..theres nothing i can do on this one..?

  109. Joe Says:

    Luckily I still have a PC with XP on it, and I was able to update to 6.5 with no issues. My only complaint is that the update is the stock 6.5 and not the latest version, 6.5.3. I’ve got about 6 months left in my contract so I can live with it for now. I appreciate the advice I gleaned from all the postings.

  110. Liking 6.5 (former Not liking 6.5) Says:

    alright, i fixed my gps now and it’s working amazing. the 6.5 is making my texting load much faster and has pretty much solved every problem. I do want to upgrade to the better roms because I am afraid of having to do the set up all over again.

  111. HorizonsOfChaos Says:

    I’m bummed out. For some reason I can’t get a good enough connection through the usb cable in order for the program to make the update. I tried using stuff to keep pressure on the cable so it would stay connected but nothing worked unfortunately. It’s a shame this can’t be done with an over the air download.

  112. Liking 6.5 (former Not liking 6.5) Says:

    hm..sorry to hear Rooney. I updated it with 32bit win 7 and it went smoothly.

  113. ps Says:

    @horizons of chaos

    If your cable is normally capable of maintaining a connection, then there is nothing unusual about the update operation.

    *however* power savings settings may be causing problems for many people. If the computer or the usb port goes into power saving mode during the update, all kinds of hangs can happen. Try using a custom full power mode where everything is set to stay turned on. this particular point has bitten a lot of people on all kinds of firmware updates. lots of people have notebooks and have a fetish about battery life. combine that with a “grab and go” tendency on the part of some people, and failure is inevitable.

    additionally, as stipulated by the instructions, do not try to get away with using a usb hub.

    the update will work on win7, vista, xp and related server versions. including x64.

    the reason that samsung does not aupport it may be related to the additional precautions needed with some of them. for some people it’s a given, for others ti’s a case of “say what?”

    they *know* from bitter past experience that people just do not bother to read the instructions. so, they limit the options to the easiest platforms.

  114. Hizhonor Says:

    Joe: Flash the phone with one of the two custom 6.5.3 ROMs over on XDA. Best of both worlds — GPS that works and a more touch friendly OS.

  115. HorizonsOfChaos Says:

    @ps Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately when the program starts to detect the phone it immediately times out and fails. I never noticed how sensitive my charger/usb port was until I tried to set up the install last night. Everyonce in a while I can let it sit still and it stays connected good enough for active synce but when I try to install 6.5 it won’t work. As far as I know there are no power restrictions on any of the computers I’m using so I don’t think that’s the issue. I just think I have a bad or flaky port on the phone.

  116. danish Says:

    @HorizonsOfChaos – it cud also be your cable; a lot of ppl have noticed that only OEM cables work as advertised.

  117. Jeff Says:

    @ROoney10 – I was able to get it to work with Win7 64-bit but you have to install the modem drivers first (using compatibility mode for xp or vista), otherwise you won’t be able to do the update. They are also available on the Samsung website. Also make sure you’re plugging the phone into a dedicated USB port – if you have a desktop, they are usually the ports in the back of the computer which are mounted on the motherboard. Just use the official instructions and follow them step-by-step along with the compatibility mode settings and it should work fine.

    @HorizonsofChaos – you might want to try a different USB cable (i believe Belkin also makes one) and see if that works any better. Try looking on Amazon since they will be a lot cheaper there than if you bought one at the ATT store.

    As for updating my phone:
    I flashed the official update first to grab the phone portion of the update (wish they would do that part first lol), then reflashed the PDA with fenrir’s new ROM he made a couple of weeks ago. So far everything is working great, no freezes/crashes and GPS is connecting in under a minute depending on where i am, which is a lot better than the no connecting/battery drain i used to have.

    Link to .fenrir’s ROM:

    Livven Themes (128dpi so they look great on the Epix)

  118. Ed Says:

    For those having trouble and stuck on “Waiting for the device” but can connect to ActiveSync, I posted this a few days ago…
    I had much trouble getting past the “Waiting for the device…” I spent an hour on Samsung Tech Support and finally found the problem. In ActiveSync, File/Connection Settings, uncheck “Allow USB Connections” before running the WM6.5 updater. Maybe no one else had this problem, but hope it helps.
    I used Samsung OEM cable BTW but should work with 3rd party cables as long as ActiveSync connects.

  119. Peter Says:

    After almost two weeks with the 6.5 update no complaints — No lockups, gps or call problems, seems to respond faster and iphone style finger list scrollers are very nice. Ditched IE for Opera Mobile at the same time.

    One problem I’m having since the upgrade is that the voice command notification settings don’t survive a reboot and I have to manually change them each time. When I choose “announce notifications using the bluetooth hands free only” it switches back to the last option on reboot. Found that the registry is being written to and other keys in the same entry can survive reboots…My guess something is activly replacing the key on startup but who knows.

    FWIW after upgrade recommend going into the Settings / Personal / Video Sharing menu and disabling the video sharing service. All it does is consume memory and open data connections when you didn’t ask for them.

  120. epix_stepchild Says:

    I agree… besides the terrible directions given for the updating process, which I already discussed earlier.

    I have been using the wm6.5 and phone ROM update for 4 days now and I have to say that this phone would have been a winner if they would have had it this stable and functional from the get go. It is a shame they rushed the Epix to market without significant testing and countermeasures applied before release.

    It is finally a respectable phone…

    I do use PhoneAlarm with a modified 2day4pa skin in order to make up for the short comings of the too finger dependant wm6.5 OS. I can use the finger optical mouse and do everything I wanted using the old style today screen along with PhoneAlarm… Launch application I use most… Quicker access to the people I dial most… and other settings are all on the today screen.

    I also agree that while the wm6.5 intenet explorer might be an upgrade from before it still is not up to par. I changed my default browser to Opera Mobile 9.5 beta (most stable from what I understand, but no flash). I suppose I will use the built in IE if flash is needed.

    I have seen suggestions to using hacked ROMs for WM6.5, but will that also give you the update phone ROM/firmware? That is the other side that makes me so much happier… slog dump gone, GPS working, more stable.

  121. ps Says:

    @horizons of chaos

    Two other things to try:

    1. disconnect from all networks, then disable any anti-virus during the upgrade, don’t forget to re-enable afterwards.

    2. connect your device, then go look at your ports, you may see all kinds of ghost devices created from previous connects. uninstall all of them. disconnect. reconnect. the drivers should install fresh again. the reason you connect to do this is that they might not show up otherwise. Also go into the device manager and set the view to show hidden and inactive devices.

    2a. if you are sufficiently knowledgable you can try disable+uninstall+remove driver files instead. then you have to reinstall the latest drivers. but you end up with a clean slate.

    And yes, there are a few phones out there that have bad physical ports. Some of them fit tighter than others. They even sell replacement charge ports. That ought to tell you something. Problem is that it is very fiddly to solder. It’s only really for the very brave or professionals.

  122. ps Says:

    @epix stepchild

    The plan here is to try for the best of both worlds.

    1. keep the official update for the hardware fixes.

    2. flash over the pda.bin for the OS and app parts.

    #1 is only happening because there is only one single known 6.1 rom known to exist and it only has the pda.bin part. This should happen in a bit as soon as the phone is fully charged.

    The stock ID1 download might work, but it would overwrite the hardware fixes. Anyways, it appears to have disappeared. Probably due to being now “non-supported”. The phone was a pre-id1 with gps, no lockups, no dumps. It just worked. But, it cannot be reverted. At least it’s a spare unit. The main unit isn’t getting touched. :D

  123. Steve Says:

    Many of you who are running Windows XP are having problems fully upgrading your Samsung Epix.

    Apparently, the PDA portion of the phone gets updated, but the phone part does not. You can see this

    under Settings >> System >> and click on Version. The phone version and pda version do not match. This

    typically occurs because the phone hangs during the upgrade process. The phone and the installation

    program stops responding where it says “changeUSB ok” and on the top part it says “Succeed COM #”. This

    is a failed installation. Now the user is forced to reboot the phone by removing the battery. The phone

    boots up fine and appears to work okay; however, only the pda part was updated, the phone part still has

    the old version. The following instructions eliminates this problem and ensures a full upgrade of your

    Epix both PDA and PHONE. Good luck,and remember I take no responsibility for any damage or problems

    caused by using this tutorial. Good Luck and Enjoy!!

    First, Install the Samsung Modem Driver
    Open ActiveSync 4.5 and go to File >> connection settings >> and uncheck Allow USB connections
    then connect the phone to pc using data cable
    On the samsung phone go to USB Connection Mode and select Modem
    On the PC go to control panel >> system >> device manager
    go under modems and double click on Samsung Mobile Modem
    go to tab Modem and select Maximum Port Speed 115200, next click on the
    tab Advanced still under SAMSUNG Mobile Modem Properties and click on Advanced Port Settings >> uncheck
    USE FIFO buffers and under COM Port Number: Select COM1 even if it says IN USE, disregard error message
    then press ok to apply changes. Press OK under Samsung Mobile Modem Properties window
    Now under Device Manager go to Ports (COM & LPT) and double click on Communications (COM 1)
    go to the tab Port Settings and click on Advanced and change COM Port Number to another port other than
    COM 1 that is not in use. ex. COM4 >> Press ok to apply changes and under the General tab of Communications Port (COM#) Properties go under Device usage: and select disable (Do not use this device) then press ok. Now follow on the samsung phone to go Settings >> connections >> USB to PC and uncheck Enable advanced network functionality. Now turn off the phone but keep data cable connected to PC. Open the Samsung Epix upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5 and simply follow the instructions on the screen.

    You will know when the phone is fully upgraded when it says PHONE downloaded on the screen.

  124. Tyler Says:

    Just did Steve’s way to get the PDA and phone version the same and I can confirm it fixes why there is no battery icon in the upper right corner of the screen, as there now is one

  125. ROoney10 Says:

    Any body find a way to do it on Win 7 64 bit yet?

  126. danish Says:

    @ROoney10 – if it doesn’t work in compatibility mode, you could try downloading the WinXP mode virtual machine from Microsoft. It’s free and will give you a Win XP machine that you can use to do this.

  127. ROoney10 Says:


    looked up the WinXP and its not eligable for home premium 64 bit or home premium 32 bit you have ot have professional, enterprise or ultimate

  128. Justin Says:

    I had installed the 6.5 ROM using Win 7 64-bit.

    As stated in an earlier post, I had issues of the upgrade getting stuck.
    I ran a HARD RESET on the device, and the upgrade went smooth.

  129. ROoney10 Says:

    oh man did you really have no problems, your lucky. I hard rested a couple of times with no effect on “waiting for device”.

  130. Alan Says:

    I had a terrible time trying to flash my phone with Windows 7 64bit. I ended up removing all the samsung drivers on my computer and reinstalling them and that ended up making it work. Though I don’t really know the exact process because I did this a couple of times and probably restarted my computer over a half dozen times. I’ll probably end up flashing my phone tonight or maybe sometime soon so I can have one of the custom 6.5.3 roms. There are too many little things wrong with this update that I just can’t stand.

  131. jduk Says:

    Installed on Win7 (32-bit) PC, using Vista exe. I initially had the problem where the installer would hang at the “downloading phone” section (would hang on “changeusb ok” and not continue). I tried running the installer in compatibility mode. Same problem. Then I realized I left the SIM card in the phone. After removing the SIM card and running the installer again, it worked like a charm.

    First impressions – I like it overall. It’s leaps and bounds above Win 6.1 although not perfect. The interface looks much better, but I’m not a fan of the start menu. It’s much more finger scroll friendly (like when checking email, you can actually scroll using your finger instead of dragging the vertical scroll bar, this is GREAT). I used TCB to import my contacts that I backed up prior to the upgrade. All other apps also seem to work fine, although I haven’t tried GPS yet. The shortcut buttons on the bottom (for web, calendar, messaging) all work. In 6.1 I could never get a few of them to work consistently (shortcut missing error). I changed the fingermouse settings so I can see the mouse cursor on the screen, since the default mode is useless IMO (too jumpy). I noticed that I don’t need to use the mousepad nearly as often, but I think it’s still a nice option to have in certain apps. One problem I noticed is that the email notification still doesn’t quite work. I do get the temporary flashing LED, but no sound notification came through when I got new emails, even though it was set correctly in the settings. Anyone else get this to work?

    Thanks Samsung/Microsoft for finally getting this one out, even if it was several months late. This will delay my next smartphone purchase, perhaps by a year.

  132. jduk Says:

    GPS didn’t work for me at first (Google Maps). Then I updated the GPS settings as follows: Program Port = COM1, Hardware Port = COM9 baud=4800. Now it gets a lock in seconds.

    So far, so good. No freezes or wake up issues. One recommendation – the Home Screen Customizer from the Marketplace is great. The weather panel is a must. The best part.. it’s free.

  133. Jeff Says:

    @jduk – That Home Screen Customizer looks interesting but the reviews (the ones i could understand at least) were mixed at best – how is it working for you? Currently I’m just using Titanium Weatherpanel with the CHome Editor to create/move/edit panels and that’s working pretty well for me. The display in the CHome Editor is a little buggy but it works well enough.

    I believe fenrir is in the process of updating his rom to improve the notifications. I don’t remember having any issues using the official rom but then again I only have it set to beep only for phone and text – I get so much email that I dont really need it to tell me lol.

    I like the usability of 6.5.x but overall it seems like I’m constantly going back and forth between the panels and start menu and I feel like they could have integrated them better – which it looks like they are doing on WinPhone7, but of course that means buying another phone.

    I have to say that my Epix is probably the most durable phone I’ve ever had – it’s been dropped/thrown/spilled on/cooked (accidentally mistook it for food and put it in the toaster oven for a few minutes lol) and always bounced back to life. Glad to finally see it was worthy enough to enjoy one last update.

  134. jduk Says:

    @ Jeff: yeah the Home Screen Customizer is working great so far. I just like that I can use it to easily add/remove/move items in the home screen (mostly I got it for the weather panel). I don’t think you would have any need for it though, since you already have Titanium Weatherpanel. I’ve heard good things about that.

    Re: the email notification, this really isn’t a big deal to me, like you said.. with the amount of emails coming in every day. I would have probably turned the notification off if it DID work. But it’s just a little issue that seemed to carry over from 6.1.

    I agree overall the Epix has been durable. I’ve dropped it several times and it still keeps ticking. I just hated the fact that it froze up (or didn’t wake up) so many times on 6.1. I’ll cross my fingers that 6.5 fixes this. So far so good.

  135. J.D. Says:

    If you use the default 6.5 homescreen, then the customizer is a must in my opinion to get it the way you want it. if you use any other screen there’s no need for it.

    i’m kinda upset to find out the epix is so durable… because this is the first phone i’ve ever had that i have gone this long without doing something really bad to it. (almost 2 years and the white water patch is still white!). every other phone i’ve ever had i’d drop or spill water on and it would basically be ruined. oh well, at least know i know i can throw it when it annoys me.

  136. danish Says:

    hey JD,. a lot of us feel that way. I kept putting off buying a new phone cuz i felt bad that i wud throw something away that was working and now with 6.5 it really does have a new life it seems so i can take into the christmas season and see what WP7 brings to the plate.

  137. Konker Says:

    My update went smoothly on my Windows 7 32-bit computer.
    Had to allow all connection through my firewall (PCTools Firewall Plus 6).

    Performed two simultaneous hard resets after the upgrade & everything worked fine.
    However, after setting up a partnership with WMDC using USB cable, I was not able perform a BT sync.
    The BT pairing worked fine & I was able to send files back & forth between the phone & computer. I was even able to used my computer as a BT Stereo Speaker but BT-AS does not work at all.
    The error message indicates that the port is not available.
    Has anyone encountered this & have a solution to resolve it?

  138. Den Says:

    Can anyone help me out on how to get the old style home screen back after update thanks.

  139. Den Says:

    ^ never mind i figured that out but cant figure out how to change the colors please help.

  140. ps Says:

    as it turns out, there actually is an alternative to trashcan’s 6.1+ID1 rom

    alkoholic made one in July/2009 and the link is still working.

    it is 6.1 + ID1 + PRE ID1 GPS drivers, he claims that the old drivers fix the ID1 GPS problems

    the link:

  141. ps Says:


    just go into settings/today and select one of the old themes

    or install any theme you can find that you like and that is suitable for the epix, and install it.

  142. Epix_User_NA Says:

    @ps says

    tashcasn’s rom doesnt work for the GPS problems. If you read through the forum you will find that the drivers are not the problem but the “phone” portion of the rom which nobody has acess too. I tried that rom a while back and didnt fix anything. Also you can actually change the driver without the rom. Just make a .cab file with the new drivers and set up the .cab file to replace the old ones. You can replace most system files with this method.

  143. Peterbear Says:

    Finally we got the 6.5 update! I will keep this as a skype backup phone now that my Vibrant is on the way!

  144. Tyler Says:

    Ya, mine has also been durable. Went swimming for 10 minutes once and forgot it was in my pocket, used the rice trick to draw the moisture out and it still worked. Did have to get the optical mouse fixed though, but has worked perfect ever since.

  145. EpixDisgruntled Says:

    After many tries on both XP and 7 Ultimate I followed Steve’s step by step and finally for 6.5 top load. I installed Garmin and it worked! I’m no longer lost! I messed up though. I added a map to Garmin and now I can’t get a lock. GPStest can’t find any satallites in stand alone or MS assisted. Open sky, nothing around, hard resets, nothing helps. I am now attepting to reload 6.5 and it wont take again even with the steps from the tutorial. Any suggestions?

  146. Chuck Says:

    How long does the update process take? ive been waiting for EBOOt to download for a half hour already.

  147. Chuck Says:

    aha. if you get hung at the downlaoding eboot screen, stop the updater, and remove your phone battery. run the installer in xp compatibility and try again. Im using windows 7 and the vista compatibility didnt work, but xp did.

  148. Nir Says:

    I did that but my EPIX dosent get powered on now it stuck up after EBOOT load….now it dosent get powered on at all..

  149. Konker Says:

    Does anyone know how to set the Clock panel to display the WiFi status alongside the carrier name?
    Also, it would be excellent to have the battery icon indicate the battery charge…why did they have to remove it?

  150. Jeff Says:

    @Konker – as far as I know the Clock panel either can’t be updated or it is extremely difficult to – I could be wrong of course. I only use 2 wireless networks (home/work) that are set to auto-connect, so honestly i don’t fool around with it much. As for the battery indicator, I have no idea why they would have built the indicator like that, but some of the custom roms address that as they are a later version (6.5.3) than the Samsung update (6.5.1 i think) that have a toolbar “floating” at the top to let you manage battery, wireless, etc.

  151. ps Says:


    thanks for the info

    the flashed phone has the new phone.bin already from the official 6.5

    apparently the ID1 GPS problems got re-fixed under that phone.bin

    the theory here is that flashing a pda.bin leaves the fix in place

    unfortunately the trashcan rom has some problems with wifi connectivity
    and the battery indicator is suspected of burning more battery than it is worth

    fixed the wifi by poking around in HKLM\comm, but forgot what was being poked

    on a hard reset the same problem would return, so a cab would have to be
    made to get around it and the battery indicator

    anyways, the first experiment is to try flashing with a pre-ID1 factory 6.1 pda.bin alongside
    the factory 6.5 phone.bin

  152. ps Says:


    the battery icon still displays a charge level doesn’t it?

    the only thing is that clicking on it does not bring up the power control panel
    like it did in 6.1

    believe it or not, this is the most visible annoyance on 6.5 as deployed on the epix
    for habitual battery checkers

    some people who only need to charge once a week like to flick into it to see if
    the battery can go another day

    for those shocked by the claim of a week to 10 days, it is lightly used mostly
    for receiveing SMS on a EDGE only network

    the GPS is only for amusement purposes :D

  153. Konker Says:


    Which battery icon are you referring to?
    I have to move the Power icon in Settings to the top in order to check battery charge level.
    The charge icon comes on when I plug in the charger but no battery icon after I remove the charger.
    I still do not get why they used such an old version of 6.5 when 6.5.3 has been out for quite a while.
    Seem they have been sitting on this thing for quite a while before finally deciding to release it.

  154. Gil Says:

    I’ve successfully (or so I think) updated to 6.5, however I’m noticing that my phone doesn’t seem to have everything 6.5 has to offer. I really like the lock screen that is in the link below, but on my epix I still see the old lock screen. The other problem I have, is that the menu and scroll bars at first had the new look to it, but have reverted back to the way 6.1 looked. The only thing I changed was my theme from the default black to gray, and that appears to be what changed the look of my phone. I’ve tried changing it back to the default theme, but it still has the gray principles to it, and the old look of 6.1.

    Has anyone else noticed these issues? And how do we fix them?


  155. jduk Says:

    Gil, this was mentioned earlier in this thread. I used PHM RegEdit and it worked fine. I’m not sure why you’re getting the old scroll bars/menus. You may want to check your Today settings and make sure Windows Default is the only thing selected on the Items tab.

    “Epix_User_NA Says:

    July 16th, 2010 at 12:02 pm
    If you want the Win Mob 6.5 lockscreen go to


    Change “ShowLockScreenPicker” from “0 to 1″

    Then you can go start>settings>lock and a new tab named “Display” will be availabe.
    You can now pick either “Windows Classic or Windows Default” for the Unlock display
    Windwos Default = Win 6.5 Lock Screen

    When chaning the lock screen a restart will be needed.
    ~Have Fun~”

  156. ps Says:


    when you change to one of the old themes, you get a 6.1 appearance

    if you change back to one of the new 6.5 themes, you will get the new look back

  157. ps Says:


    the one that is in the top right hand corner on the home screen

    it’s there, but the old 6.1 way was to click on it and the power control panel would open.

  158. Konker Says:


    You said “the one that is in the top right hand corner on the home screen”…problem is, mine does not have the battery icon…did not see it from the get go so don’t know where it went. :(
    Do you know which registry setting to change to bring it back?

    Also, no one else having BT-AS problems? or does anyone use BT to sync anymore?
    I would really like to get this working or I have to bring a USB cable with me when ever I want to sync with my computer. If only Samsung chose standard connectors…

  159. jduk Says:

    I haven’t heard of the issue where the battery icon isn’t displaying. If all else fails, you may want to try a hard reset (and re-install 6.5 if it’s not back after the hard reset).

  160. M Kenyon Says:

    Issue… I have camera set up to save pics to the Storage Card. The Pictures item on the Today screen… how can I point that there (to the storage card as well)? I want them both to look at the storage card. HOW?!?!

    Also… switching between songs is slow. Thoughts?

  161. Nate Says:

    I did try to install the Update using my Windows Vista 32 bit machine and I too got stuck at the very begining. Soon as I powed on the phone the installer would crash. I think it may have been that port issue as that sounds likely. I will check it tonight when I get home.

  162. jduk Says:

    M Kenyon:

  163. jduk Says:

    oops, broken link.. I think this is what you can use:

    Note, I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks like freeware so it’s worth a shot.

  164. ps Says:


    regarding your bluetooth, perhaps it is a win7 firewall thing.

    try disconnecting from the net *completely* ( to prevent being hacked) and disabling the firewal/anti-virusl, then try the AS thing as an experiment. don’t forget to renable the firewall/anti-virus afterwards.

    regarding the battery icon, you might want to try reflashing. you may want to try this in combination with the disabling of firewall/anti-virus with the same caveats as above.

    the battery icon can be a myterious thing. the trashcan 6.1 had an icon mod and it involved a resource dll with a different resource index than stock.

    did you have the icon in 6.1?


    phone is back on pre-id1 pda part :D

  165. Konker Says:


    The battery icon mystery is solved! It was replaced by the Clock setting. When I unchecked that option, the battery icon came back. But since it does not link to the Power settings, it’s quite useless.

    As for BT-AS, I might give that a try.
    FYI, my WM6.1 Touch Pro is able to sync with my computer using BT-AS without any problems so I’m almost sure it’s something on the phone. Did you give it a try?
    It was working properly when I was on WM6.1 with standard settings & all security settings turned on.

  166. Neil Says:

    Please help!

    I went through all the steps to upgrade the firmware, but am stuck on the last step: perform a Full Reset. This step requires me to tap the screen, but my touchscreen is broken (I can only use the keys) – so now I’m so close, but totally stuck on the burnt red/orange screen that says “Tap the screen to set up your Windows phone.”

    How I can get past this screen (without a working touch screen) in order to enter the Full Reset command (*2767*3855#)?

    Thanks in advance.

  167. Konker Says:


    Try to connect to the computer & see if it is recognized.
    If it’s recognized & connects (default USB connection is ActiveSync), setup a guest partnership & use Windows Explorer to explore the device contents. Go to \Windows\Startup & delete the startup wizard (forgot what’s it called) & then shut down the phone. At the next reboot, you should skip all these & go straight to the Home screen.
    Give it a try & see if it works. Done this before on other WM devices in the past & it worked.

  168. J.D. Says:

    Neil, turn your phone off, then hold down your h key while turning your phone on. continue to hold the h key until the format windows comes up.

  169. jduk Says:

    M Kenyon,

    Well forget what I said about advanced config tool.. that didn’t help me at all. I can’t get the Pictures panel on the Today screen to look at my storage card either. Messed around with several reg entries and that didn’t help. Has anyone else gotten this to work? This panel is pretty useless IMO if it can’t be directed to the sd card.

  170. .fenrir Says:

    The 6.5 update is a pretty lousy job on Samsung’s job. Sure they updated some stuff, but they failed to either delete, or update the remnants of the 6.1 files in their OEM, ie 6.1 themes.

    @M Kenyon
    The locatio nat which the Pictures panel on the Today screen looks at is hard coded into the dll files of Titanium (6.5 Home Screen). You can’t change it or hope to, but you can work with it. The Picture Panel only looks at My Pictures in the Phone, and for the storage card it looks in the folders PICTURES and DCIM (so it’d be \Storage Card\PICTURES and \Storage Card\DCIM) If even those two locations don’t get your pictures in your SD card to show up in the Pictures panel, then you’re just shit out of luck unfortunately.

    Y’know for the PDA part it really makes no difference if it’s pre-ID1 or post-ID1. Its just the ROM, different files thats all. As long as you have the 6.5 update, even with a 6.1 ROM regardless of its pre/post ID1 status, the GPS will work fine. Granted, this is if the 6.5 update didn’t modify the PHONE part of the GPS to work only with a newer driver.

  171. Konker Says:


    Thought I mention that my BT-AS mysterously decided to work today!
    What I did differently was to initiate the pairing with the phone from my computer vs. pairing from my phone.
    One would expect it to work either way but this seemed to do the trick for me.


  172. jduk Says:

    Thx .fenrir. Renaming it from “My Pictures” to “Pictures” made it work. But now when I take pics with the Samsung camera, it creates the “My Pictures” album again. Guess I have to find a registry entry somewhere…

  173. ps Says:


    The reason the 6.1 themes were left in is that some choose to go back to the old start menu. As soon as one of the old 6.1 themes is selected, the 6.1 start menu comes into play. Of course, that does not get rid of the god-forsaken 6.5 programs folder with the icons arranged like staggering drunks.

    Now, about the rom …

    Well it’s always nice to start with the best foundation. Anyways, I am now on a rom which is pre-id1 based, has zero ATT content and settings; and where the wifi and gps work as soon as the unit is flashed. No fiddling, no magic incantations, no prayers to the gods. Some people might even say that this is the way the phone should have been when originally released.

    If this can be done in a matter of days without access to Samsung engineering documents, imagine what could have been done with proper documentation. It is apparent from examining the source files that the ATT/Samsung collaboration on integration was a right royal mess. The files have all the hallmarks of junior programmers. Cut and paste, bad formatting, bad comments, unintended results. Foolish errors that should have been caught in code review. Code review could not possibly have happened because anyone presented with that rat’s nest would have sent it back for cleanup rather than risk bleeding eyeballs from looking at the mess.

    If they had hired senior people with *experience* the phone could have achieved classic status and still be alive today as a current product selling in the millions. When will companies learn that saving a few hundred thousand means millions in subsequent support costs. Penny wise and pound foolish.


    Good to hear. I don’t use bluetooth. But, see what I mean by the battery icon being useless now? Makes you wonder what the wunderkinder were thinking. As you might gather from the preceding diatribe there is little love here for wet behind the ears developers and those that choose to depend on them to put out a product.

  174. ps Says:

    addendum: a senior developer is not necessarily more expensive if he is turning out the work of three lesser developers. at that point he becomes a bargain.

  175. .fenrir Says:

    The 6.1 themes shouldn’t be able to take away the hexagonal 6.5 start menu’s as the hexagonal menu isn’t built into the themes of 6.5, its naturally built into the 6.5 core…I don’t see how 6.1 themes would change the start menu in any way, but of course I could be wrong since I haven’t used a 6.1 theme on a 6.5 theme, nor would I want to.

    I have to agree on the lousy work of the developers though. God, the registry was such a mess, references to the same registry in multiple files. How annoying. Thank god for text search in folders…Anyways it was a lousy update, and to ATT and probably Samsung this phone was a failure. Besides when this phone came out it, the phone market was beginning to shift towards large touchscreen phones, and away from the candy-bar style of phones. The i907′s cousin, i900, which was far more successful than our i907′s was enough to demonstrate that, at least in Samsung’s eyes. As much as I do enjoy using the i907, I can’t blame the market for the shift. Though personally I’d still prefer a qwerty keyboard with a touchscreen.

  176. ps Says:


    Yes, qwerty keyboards are far superior to stabbing at the screen for text oriented work.

    As for the effect of the 6.1 theme, that is exactly what it does and it has been written about by others @xda in your 6.5 thread. Some people are very thankful that this happens. BTW, if my memory is correct, it isn’t a hexagonal “start menu”, but rather a hexagonally arranged representation of the “programs” folder that is shown. The start menu actually doesn’t get triggered. What you are shown is the titanium today screen. Likely what is happening is that the selection of a 6.1 theme causes a registry change for the reference to change from the mainshell.exe(?) of 6.5 back to shell32.exe of 6.1

    This is analogous to the existence of progman.exe in many later versions of Windows where it was not the default shell. Progman was the 3.0/3.1/3.51 shell style. It will still work if you go into system32 and launch it, and it can still be configured to be the default shell in the registry. It is rather reminiscent of the 6.5 dependence on icon. So, 6.5 is actually a throwback to a user interface that was standard in the earliest versions of Windows, and that was deprecated in favour of a start button + menu in Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. What was that saying … everything old is new again?

    BTW, look out for entries in the various config files that cause the file either to not run at all, or abort early. This can be the cause of things correctly inserted late in the file with correct syntax that fail to work as expected.

  177. ps Says:


    BTW, which of the two omnia kitchens are you using for a base?

    Still looking for the location of the default contacts list. Perhaps it is in a copy of pim.vol which is copied over from another not yet visible partition.

  178. .fenrir Says:

    Hmm, I don’t remember reading that…shows how much I read if it was mentioned in my thread. I took a quick glance at the 6.1 themes, it hardly modifies any registry. Its probably 10-20 registry keys or so, all of them except one is in binary…I’ll try messing around with it later. Although I do want to make note that the registry keys used in 6.1 and 6.5 are completely different. Err, simply put the keys are different. There’s only one key in both themes that have a matching key and value which is the DPI.

    Config files? I’ve hardly come across any config files while working on the ROMs.

    I only used the Omnia kitchens to break down the exe updates. In the very beginning I did use them to build ROMs as well but I shifted away from them cause it created some problems. Anyways I originally used the Omnia kitchen from Modaco. If I remember correctly technically the Omnia kitchen only has one thing unique which is breaking down the exe file and extracting the bin from it. Once you have the bin its just standard stuff with osnbtool and imgfstodump.

    Btw what do you mean by “location of the default contacts list”? Are you talking about the stupid AT&T contacts that showed up on the official ROMs?

  179. .fenrir Says:

    Actually any config files are AT&T junk most likely cause I’m not coming up with anything in my kitchen.

  180. Nir Says:

    Hi I tried this on My Epix but unfortunalty i had made it in to brick now….is ther any way to recover my Epix ? ….I used my XP machine to upgrade 6.5 on my Epix when i started upgrade process it has detect a phone very well with EBOOT Dowload as mentioned bellow
    Step 1. Download Eboot
    Downloading EBOOT…
    EBOOT downloaded…..
    Rebooting Device…

    After this device was never booted i tried to use power buttone to switch on and off but nonthing is haapning, i tried removeing baatery also i had tried to power on with pressing simulteniously GREEn/RED and Reste button….but nothing is haapning

    It look like i had tuned my Epix in to BRIK :( please any one who knows solution on this help me….

  181. Harry Says:

    Nir, have you tried removing the battery and then going through the process again?

  182. Nir Says:

    yes ….i did that but even after remving baatery phone dosent get powered on…..the top LED dosent turn RED, which is usally is to when u power on cell and nothing come on screen ass well….

  183. J.D. Says:


    Can I expected a new rom from you soon? I’m planning to use yours, however it’s a huge hassle for me to go through the process, so I’d hate to do it right before an update.

  184. ps Says:


    But, there are two Omnia kitchens @modaco. One is batch based and the other is gui based. Which one? And what mods have you made. Neither one of them is completely compatible. The batch based one does not seem to turn out a standalone pda.bin, it expects to build a complete update.

    And, yes, the default contacts from AT&T is the file I am trying to avoid. Is it on some other partition?

  185. .fenrir Says:

    I’m hoping to release a new rom by the end of this month before my classes begin again. I’m still not sure if I’m sticking with the current branch I’m using or a different one for the next update…Anyways if I don’t have a new ROM up in the next three weeks, chances are I probably won’t get any time to put one up for a while. Fortunately the ROMs are fairly stable so I don’t need to be constantly working on them. Oh I almost forgot, if you like 96dpi, I do plan on releasing a 96dpi ROM soon once I’ve worked out some issues with it. Don’t have an ETA on that since its just a matter of trial and error with some graphical issues.

    Ah right I forgot about the gui one. The batch based one is the one you’ll want. The batch based one creates a bin. When you use the BuildROM.bat it’ll create a pda.bin file that can be used to flash with GrandPrix. When you say mods do you mean to the kitchen? Honestly, for the batch one you technically don’t need to make any mod for it to cook a successful 6.1 rom. The gui based one you need some modifications to get it to work, and I do remember having it boot up successfully but I wasn’t able to get the kitchen to stop using the screen res of the Omnia. Though I guess that couldn’t be helped since it is an Omnia kitchen.

    Regarding the default AT&T contacts, delete LoadPreAddressBook.exe prior to building of course. Also for the sake of being tidy clean up all references to it as well. There’s only 1 or 2 if I remember correctly.


    I don’t always remember to come here, so if you ever need to contact me quickly feel free to PM me or post in my thread on xda since I’m frequently checking there.

  186. ps Says:


    I had the opposite experience kitchen wise. As you suggested I will shoot you a PM @ xda.

    About the address book, it all makes sense now that you mention it. I knew about lpba.lnk in startup and always wondered about the need to load the “previous” address book. Guess the “pre” might be more likely to mean “preset”.

  187. Guillermo Says:

    I’ve been using Trashcan version of 6.5 for a while. And I just installed the official build.

    Anyone knows how to change the default SMS client? I don’t like to use the default Samsung client to send Text Messages (that is a hybrid of both SMS/MMS).

  188. David C. Says:

    Thank you to everyone for all of your input! I had the hardest time updating my phone. I tried to do everything that everyone suggested. I finally figured out that turning off the phone meant powering it down by holding the on/off button for several seconds. I was just pressing the power button for a half-second to turn it off. I felt both really dumb and ecstatic that I had finally figured out the process. The software immediately saw my device and completed the update. Thanks to all of you.

  189. Tristan W. Says:

    if i flash this rom, then i flash n unofficial rom from xda, will the radio fixes from the official rom still take effect?

  190. .fenrir Says:

    Look here:

    Yes. The ROMs don’t touch the ‘PHONE’ part which is what the ID1 update broke.

  191. Cory Says:

    Whenever I get a new text the envelope icon in the taskbar will not go away until I exit from the message back into the inbox. Anyone else have this or know of a fix? Othere than this one little thing 6.5 is completely amazing.

  192. Tristan W. Says:

    @Cory This happens with a lot of windows mobile devices. It’s only a minor inconvenience so I haven’t really looked for a fix but you could probably find on eon xda-developers.

  193. cory Says:

    thanks tristan, i will take a look, its just one of my ocd ticks. it just bugs me for some reason

  194. Waisgai Says:

    Just tried Steve’s fix, worked like a charm. I cant quite decide if this fix is for the better though. The battery status up top used to go to the complete status by tapping, but now you have to go into power settings to see the complete status. and it looks like they’ve actually made it a bit harder to customize. i havent seen whether the gps issues have been fixed yet, but hopefully those were fixed as promised.

  195. Fibrolan Says:


    I reflashed my phone and it worked and everything was ok then all of a sudden I have no sound. the phone works and vibrates BUT NO sound. I have tried to reflash but nothing.

    Any ideas out there ?


  196. jduk Says:

    Well, I have the same sound issue as before. At random times, the sound will die and not come back unless I reboot. Maybe it has something to do with what apps I’ve installed (?). Anyone else having this problem and running Opera 10 beta?

  197. Fibrolan Says:


    this happened ever since I upgraded to wm65. I even tried downgrading but it does not help. no applications were installed yet.

    Anyone out there have ideas ??


  198. jduk Says:

    I also have a weird issue when I try to type an apostrophe (‘), instead it types a capital M for me, even though I do use the Fn key. This never happened to me in wm6.1. To get it to work, I have to use Fn lock (instead of just holding it down). A little annoying. Anyone else have this problem? Happens sporadically with other keys too.

  199. TD Says:

    I flashed my phone with the 6.5 update about 1 month ago and figured I can now definitively say this has been the best upgrade ever for this phone. My phones originally suffered the SLOG DUMP issue, ID1 then proceeded to break the GPS and for a while I had random lockup issues. With 6.5 everything (even GPS) works as it should. It takes some getting used to when going from 6.1 to 6.5 as it changes the UI quite a bit, but the functionality is now what the Epix should have had from day one. I highly recommend the upgrade if you have any functionality issues with the phone.

    That said the upgrade itself can be tricky. I highly recommend using a Windows XP machine to flash, as Vista and 7 seem to cause issues with Samsung’s poorly packaged upgrades. Also plug the USB cable directly into a port on the BACK of your computer, don’t use front USB ports or a USB hub as these seem to glitch when the firmware switches from the PDA upgrade to the Phone hardware flash. When I first flashed mine using the front USB ports it flashed the PDA portion but was unable to switch to the Phone side so it was a half baked upgrade, plugging into the rear USB port worked perfect. After flashing go to the System -> Version to make sure BOTH say JD1 at the end so you know both portions were flashed. After flashing do a HARD reset twice, I dont know why but immediately after the upgrade the phone felt very laggy, two resets and its smooth and fast.

  200. Randy Says:

    Hi, having an issue, It’s stoping at the download (Eboot I think??) Anybody have a fix to this??

  201. Brian Says:

    Well I ran the 6.5 update and heres what happened to me. At first the phone seemed like “hey this thing works great now”, well the notification issue started up again. Phone wouldnt ring on occassion/no speaker volume, seemed like the old issue of manually turning off your screen would induce that problem. GPS worked better than before, but not as good as it did before the 1D update but worked ok. I experienced more lock ups/slow downs and system resource drains. Powering on phone took a lot longer than it ever had before 6.5. Final straw was phone wouldnt recognize sim card, that was a hardware failure and doubt 6.5 had anything to do with it. Phone replacement…sony x10a droid phone and it blows the epix out of the water, blows any winmo phone out of the water.

  202. Harry Says:

    Again, you need to realize that the Epix is 2+ years old. We were lucky enough to get the additional 6.5 upgrade. Anything on the market should be better than the Epix hardware wise. However, being that with outdated hardware, and limited OS potential, this upgrade does make the Epix a more usable unit than before, plus one of the few devices with a physical keyboard with touchscreen.

  203. JW Says:

    I’m starting to wish I never loaded WM6.5. It did get the GPS working again in the assisted mode which is nice (I had it working in the standalone mode on 6.1 ID1). But it introduced occasional freezes (pull battery to reset) and less frequent corruption of the today screen. Apparently something goes wrong during an email update or request and the result is it quits working and blows out the today screen. Very weird and frustrating. It happens about once ever other week and the only fix is a hard reset.

    So what to do. I may go find one of those XDA builds to see if it is stabler. But probably not as I am so frustrated now that I expect to pull the trigger on a iPhone 4. WM has become too much work.

  204. jduk Says:

    Randy – did you remember to take the sim card out?

  205. Tristan W. Says:

    does anyone have the id1 update lying around. My phone will not update to 6.5 and gets stuck on the samsung screen. I need to run id1 to fix. Please help I need the file!

  206. C10250 Says:

    The ID1 update is available here:

  207. Tristan W. Says:

    Guys, i tried to run the id1 update and got an eroor and the updator shut down. i unplugged my epix and now it will not turn on. Someone please help! what should i do?

  208. Eric Says:

    Same thing happened to me. I contacted att and they in turn directed me to samsung who agreed to fix the phone free of charge. They even paid for shipping! I sent it off monday, so we’ll see how long it takes them to turn it around.

  209. Tristan W. Says:

    @Eric Are you in warranty?

  210. jonchance_84 Says:

    i followed instructions on how to enable default windows slide lock…and it worked for a little bit but then suddenly the phone decides to ignore the change. so now i am stuck with the stupid default lock screen that originally is installed, even after a hard reset and changed the settings multiple times…!!!&#$#!!!

  211. Yaremis F. Says:

    I updated my phone and I love the new look. I am having problems with Interent Explorer though. I don’t have a data plan. I always just use WiFI connection. WiFi is connecting just fine, however, when I open IE I can’t get any page to open. The bar moves a quarter of the way and just sits there. Can’t figure out what the problem is. Anyone have this problem? Thanks in advanced.

  212. Nara C. Says:

    Hey Yaremis, try this out I had that problem before but go to your proxy manager under connecetion make sure there is a check in the box. Hope that help out.

  213. Bloak Says:

    I was wondering which reg editor you were using Epix User NA because i tried using CE Reg Edit and it failed to connect to the phone. Is it necessary to do an application unlock to get it working?

  214. lori Says:

    i am so mad. i performed the update tonight and it said it performed great. then now, my phone will not power back on at all!! i do not know what i am going to do! i have tried everything.

  215. jduk Says:

    Lori.. that sucks.

  216. jduk Says:

    PHM RegEdit works great, in 6.1 and 6.5.

  217. Brad Says:

    This is driving me crazy!!!

    I’ve pulled the sim card, rebooted multiple times, set it to modem like it says, disabled active sync use usb, disabled hibernation, and the damn software STILL does not see my phone. The modem shows up just like it should in device manager. I’ve done a reformat on the phone, nada. Any ideas???

  218. Brad Says:

    Ok I read through the comments again and found Steve’s notes, now the fun part and re-setting up everything!

  219. YNL Says:

    @jduk — I also have the issue where when typing, Fn key does not bring up the needed symbol, instead typing some random uppercase letter. It usually happens when I reply to emails (or texts). Any idea what causes this or how to fix it?

  220. jduk Says:

    Well at least someone else has the same problem. I have no clue why it’s happening. But it’s consistent with the apostrophe, giving me a capital M instead. I tried a hard reset, thinking one of my apps caused a conflict or something. But even after a hard reset, I have the issue. Happens in any application where I use the keyboard – emails, text, web browser, etc.

    Anyone else have this issue? It’s getting really annoying. At first, I thought the upgrade to wm6.5 would let me hang onto the Epix for another year or so.. but with this issue and how annoying it is, I’m thining of switching phones as soon as my phone discount kicks in. And, it happens with other keys too.

  221. TA Says:

    So does anyone know what we need to do to enable notebook teathering with the 6.5 upgrade installed?? If I choose the Internet Sharing option on my newly upgraded 6.5 Epix I get disconnected right away…



  222. epix_stepchild Says:

    Well I have been running wm6.5 on my epix for a few months now and while it is an improvement… it still has some bugs that I can no longer tolerate since my upgrade time is up. Two years fighting the quirks of this phone have been enough for me. I have an Android device on its way, since MS never could get a decent smart phone operating system to save their life. Phone 7 will be very short lived and since it was not backward compatiable with wm6.5 (all of my currect paid and freeware apps would not work) I decided if I am going to invest in a new operating system it surely was not going to be a Windows device. I also made sure to avoid the Samsung Android phone… is it not just funny that they managed to screw up the GPS on even their latest generation of phones after all the pains they caused Epix users. Samsung has lost my business for good.

  223. epix_stepchild Says:

    I got my HTC Aria today… I just have to say fellas and gals that Android is way ahead of Billy boy. It is lights out for MS. I will never go back again. Android is super responsive and amazingly intuitive. I know that some people have to wait for their upgrade, so I will not rub it in too much. I am super thrilled so far and most would consider the Aria to be an entry level Android device, but it is already impressing me more than the Epix ever did. Good luck all. I cannot beleive MS let Google kick their rears like this. MS needs to stick to PCs and pray Google does not decide to dive into a full blown operating system. I am not an Apple fan and only use MS for my PCs, but I can see a revolution coming.

  224. jduk Says:

    I’ve defended Windows Mobile in the past, but I too will likely switch to another OS when my upgrade discount kicks in. I originally liked the look of 6.5, but now that I’ve been using it a few months, I’ve realized there are some glitches and applications take longer to open, some crash much more than they did with 6.1. And never again will I purchase a Samsung.

    The Aria is a potential candidate. I’d rather not join the iPhone cult. Anyone try out the newer Sony smartphones available from AT&T yet?

  225. JW Says:

    Don’t let an Apple bias keep you away from the iPhone. If you are okay with the AT&T network then the iPhone is worthy of consideration. I made the switch (Android was not a feasible option for me — work related support issue) and cannot believe I waited so long. More app choices, better app quality, much lower app pricing and a much faster/stabler phone. Many very good apps are free. One example of the quality/price — I bought a GPS navigation program (Copilot) with a full US map (Naviteq) for $4.99 and it is certainly the equal of my old iGuidance program that set me back about $80.

    I’m sure Android phones are slick and fast too. I’m not sure about their app pricing but it probably is in line with Apple’s app store. And I hear only good things from Android users.

    Bottom line — Windows Phone 7 had better be perfect and MS had better be paying Developers to fill their store up with high quality apps. Any misstep is going to spell the end for MS’s chances to recover.

    I’m getting ready to sell my old Epix so I sure hope there are WM Mobile die harts that are willing to overpay.

  226. jduk Says:

    I saw a few sneak peeks of Windows 7 on Youtube. First impression.. not a fan. Looks like it will be android or blackberry for me. Who knows, maybe even a palm, those things are cheap in comparison.

  227. JW Says:

    @jduk: Blackberry? I have one from work and I definitely am not a fan. It is not their latest touch screen but from what I’ve seen and heard, I’d take a WM phone over a Blackberry phone. Android and iOS are way better, and both are getting more regular OS updates.

    Which brings me to my number one reason why Microsoft will fail in the smartphone market — they cannot and will not be agile enough to release regular OS updates to all phones. The result will be phones that may start out being competitive but will quickly fall behind.

  228. .fenrir Says:

    For anyone who’s still using their i907, I have just released a new ROM build 23681 in 96dpi and 128dpi. I highly recommend others to use it. Performance wise its probably the quickest one yet, at least from personal usage.

  229. C10250 Says:

    .fenrir, I’m downloading the 128dpi 4 Column right now. I’m looking forward to trying it. My Epix is no longer my primary phone. I use it when I’m going somewhere I don’t want my Tilt2 in my pocket. I’m I’ve been flashing to your latest ROMs ever since I discovered them. The 4 columns is a nice touch as it is one of the first cabs I install every time I flash. nhathoa makes a great rom, but I found your basic approach suites my taste much better.

  230. big shawn Says:

    ive missed so much on the forum. whats the link to upgrade the 6.1 to 6.5 on xp? ive seen some instructions in the forum from from steve on july 21st. does that process work for xp?

  231. big shawn Says:

    figured out the update. its like its a brand new phone!!!!!!!

  232. Joe Says:

    so do the LED notifications work appropriately yet? Cee9 says they didn’t for him, and no one else commented.

  233. jduk Says:

    The LED notifications haven’t changed for me after the upgrade.. it blinks for about 10 seconds when I get a new email then goes away. Also, the email notification (on the screen) works at random times. In one of my inboxes, I get the screen notification about 5% of the time. For another mailbox, I get it 50% of the time. This has never worked consistently for me.

    big shawn,
    I was also excited at first. The interface is much better, but over time I’ve noticed performance issues/slowness. Apps take longer to launch and Opera browser crashes occassionally. Not to mention the keyboard issue, where the Fn & Caps keys don’t end up typing the correct character on the screen. Also, just noticed I can no longer download email attachments. It keeps saying the attachment could not be found. It’s happened several different times.

    I will be switching to an android-based phone soon.

  234. jduk Says:

    hmmm.. at&t $100 rebate for the Blackberry Torch.. decisions…

  235. Hal Says:

    No matter what I try I can not get the GPS to work on my phone and its very frustrating. When I was running 6.1 w/out the ID1 update the GPS was working fine. Now on 6.5 I can’t get a lock on any satellite. I have tried every COM port listed in the GPS settings, and none of them worked. On 6.1 it worked fine with Programs using COM1 and Hardware using COM9 w/4800 Baud Rate.
    Whenever I launch a program that uses GPS my phone tries to connect to MeDia NeT (or whatever AT&T calls it) which is not my data connection setting, as I’m no using this phone on AT&T’s network. I’ve also done numerous Hard Resets and each time I didn’t have any luck. Also have tried reloading 6.5 multiple times with no help. Under Settings -> System-> Version, PDA: pi907UCJD1 PHONE: i907UCJD1
    Is there something simple that I’m missing here? Is there a Registry Hack for this, I searched this forum, and in the registry and nothing stood out to me. Anybody who can offer some help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

  236. jduk Says:

    Which app are you using? I’m on 6.5 and using Google Maps, working fine with the same settings you described. After you did the hard reset, did any of your gps settings change? Not sure, maybe it’s the application?? Try another GPS app and see if it works (Google Maps and Bing are both free). I wonder if one works and the other doesn’t, that could narrow down what the problem is.

  237. Hal Says:

    I’ve tried Bing & Google with no luck. I’ve also been trying GPS Test to see if I can get a lock, and I can’t with that either. I think I’m going to try .fenrir’s latest ROM in hopes that helps…….. I’m running out of options to try, and not having GPS is really bugging me

  238. jduk Says:

    Good luck. When I think back, I also had GPS issues after upgrading, even after I updated the GPS settings. But after a reboot it worked fine. Maybe one of your other apps are interfering with it?? Not sure, but with 6.5 some of my other apps are very buggy (i.e., Opera browser). Maybe try another hard reset and ONLY install your GPS app. Really can’t think of anything else. I know the last thing you want to do right now is another hard reset :-S

  239. Hal Says:

    Thanks for the help anyway jduk…… I think I’m going to need all the luck I can get unless someone else comes up with something fancy to try. Oh Well, guess I’ll just have to live without GPS

  240. C10250 Says:

    Hal, are you sure that that the update completed. When I first tried to install on a Windows XP computer the update would crash when it got to the phone portion. There for the GPS wasn’t fixed. When I tried on my Vista laptop I had no problems. You can check Setting>System>About and both the ROM and Phone should read the same (not ID1.)

  241. jduk Says:

    Good point – I also had issues when updating at the phone portion. Until I realized I didn’t take the sim card out. Hal, did you take your sim card out when you updated?

  242. .fenrir Says:

    As C10250 mentioned, you should check to make sure the update completed. Unfortunately the GPS on the i907′s have always seemed to be a mixed bag for everyone. There’s been people who’ve had no problems what so ever with their GPS (like myself) and others who find it working only in specific updates and/or ROMs (working in ID1, but not JD1/6.5 update or vice versa)

    You mentioned you’re not on ATT anymore so you can also try changing the SUPL server for the GPS. By default it’s a network IP on ATT’s network. If you change it to say Nokia’s SUPL it may work, though I’m not guaranteeing anything. GPS is a problem for some people on my ROMs as well…

  243. ASK Says:

    I tried to upgrade when the new version was released and I couldn’t get the application detect the phone in XP. I tried again recently and found that if you have connected the phone to activesync before you launch the updater, it detects the phone just fine (you have to install the modem drivers still).

    However, I fail to see how the upgrade improves over the previous version. GPS didn’t matter that much to me; I use it infrequently and worked fine albeit slow on stand-alone mode. What I was concerned about was the random noise during calls and sound randomly disappearing if I muted the phone briefly. Both issues still remain and now I have more: it’s been the second time I’m in the middle of a call and the other person suddenly stops hearing me. Like others, I noticed very quickly that the keyboard mapping is incorrect and most symbols don’t get displayed properly.

    I’m simply trying to get back to 6.1 again but I can’t locate the ID1 update anywhere. I was wondering if someone can post it on a public site like rapidshare. Or point me to some forum where they give detailed instructions on how to flash a ROM without using the official program to get back to 6.1.

  244. .fenrir Says:

    Honestly the 6.5 update was more so of a patch to fix the things it broke in ID1 more than anything. Those who really wanted WM6.5 could have done so through flashing roms. However it did help with updated drivers (mouse in particular) and a newer kernel so I can’t say it was completely pointless.

    As for going back to 6.1 I’m sure trashcan’s old 6.1 rom is still lying around somewhere. I could cook one up myself, but I don’t really see much of a demand for it and I’d have to fish around for the old files somewhere on my backup hard drive.

  245. ASK Says:

    I’m convinced that the EPiX is flawed at a hardware level, that’s why they weren’t able to fix it despite the numerous software releases. Other devices using the same architecture (Saga, Omnia) seem to be affected as well. The main issue relates to the audio subsystem, perhaps the audio CODEC is flawed.

    I’m going to try a custom ROM and see what happens.

  246. daemon82 Says:

    Hi all!
    For me the following combination of settings and programs work well for the gps:
    In the GPS settings, I set the port to COM1, hardware remaineg Com9 and 4800.
    Before I try to start any gps program, I start GPStest, then Start from the menu. I do not use the OK button to exit! just the start menu button to call other apps.
    iGO.8.v8.3.2.80621 works with setting COM1 and 38400 flawlessly!

  247. Raul Says:

    I have an unlocked Epix. If I do the 6.5 official update, will my phone remain unlocked?? If anyone knows, please let me know.