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news Windows Mobile 6.5 Officially Released for Samsung Epix

Windows Mobile 6.5 Officially Released for Samsung Epix

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Samsung has FINALLY released Windows Mobile 6.5 for the Samsung Epix.

I have yet to install it, but hizhonor at HoFo reports:

  • Fixes GPS issue
  • Smoother operation that using Trashcan’s ROM

Things to note before upgrading to Windows Mobile 6.5

  • Back up everything on your Samsung Epix you don’t want lost. Upgrading will delete all the files on your phone.
  • There does not appear to be an official means for rolling back to Windows Mobile 6.1. If you decide to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5 you are most likely stuck with Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • Windows 7 users: Run the installer in “Vista Compatibility Mode”

If you try the update, leave a comment about your experience!

samsungepix65 Windows Mobile 6.5 Officially Released for Samsung Epix(Picture of’s new Samsung Epix software support download options)

samsung today theme Samsung Today 2.0

Samsung Today 2.0


Samsung released a modification to their popular Samsung Today homescreen that replaces the AT&T Navigation link at the bottom with a much more useful Calendar listing.

Just install the CAB file on your Samsung Epix and  go to Start > Settings > Today > Items tab  and select  Samsung Today.

samsung today 20 Samsung Today 2.0

The addition of the Calendar items is a great addition to this already great Today screen.

hacks and mods Samsung Epix Application Unlocker

Samsung Epix Application Unlocker


Unlocking your Samsung Epix is a crucial to maximizing your mobile phone experience. Application unlocking your smartphone allows you to:

  • Modify restricted files/folders
  • Modify restricted registry entries
  • Install certain applications you would otherwise be prevented from installing

Application unlocking your Samsung Epix can be completely reversed/un-done by performing a factory reset (which will wipe everything off your Epix and revert it back to its initial state). Many of the hacks and mods on this Web site require your Epix to be application unlocked.

Restart your Samsung Epix after installing the Application Unlocker.

Note: Application unlocking your phone does NOT allow your phone to be used on a different carrier; that is SIM unlocking.